Slough Turn Over Horsham

Slough Town

Slough Town

Gogan (1-0), Dearlove (2-0), Nairn (3-0)


League Unknown
One thing that was made clear in this league match at Slough was how badly the new-look Horsham side needed to be moulded into a team. This was made glaringly obvious when the home side, a well- knit, quick-moving team, made their visitors look like a group of individualists.

Whereas the Rebels used the wings to good effect, with well worked out triangular moves, Horsham had to rely upon the inspiration of the moment. While the Horsham man was so often faced by two opponents, Slough usually had a man running into the empty space and in a position to receive the pass when it came. When a man moved out of position, there was always someone there to fill it.

Despite the dropping of skipper Denis Stillwell so that Tony Miller could have a run out on the wing, Horsham missed his know-how and keenness, and the youngster was largely ineffective.

Yet Horsham were quickly into the game and Mick Streeter was the first to come close when his shot was saved on the goal-line after fifteen minutes. The Horsham keeper, Terry Clover, then held a fierce shot though he finished up standing on his head. But Clover could do nothing about inside-left Lumme’s shot that hit the crossbar before being cleared.

At the other end Slough goalkeeper Redford made a great save from Horsham inside-right George Richardson, who had been prompted by Eric Meeten.

Clover was again to the fore when he dived at centre-forward Cogan’s feet to save after half an hour and he was quickly in action again in the second half when he turned a fierce shot away for a corner. But Slough eventually broke the deadlock when Cogan managed to force the ball home after a tricky dribble through the Horsham defence.

Six minutes later Horsham were two down, through left-winger Dearlove, and it could well have been more but Clover beat away another fine strike before the home side hit the crossbar once again. After such a fine display it was unfortunate that Clover was responsible for the third goal. The Horsham keeper’s poor clearance went straight to Alec Nairn and the centre-half cracked the ball into the net for his first goal.

Horsham Lineup

Terry Clover, Keith Inglis, Clive Jackson, Billy Bell, Ian Booth, Ken Awcock, Tony Miller, Perce Gibbons, Mick Streeter, George Richardson, Eric Meeten.


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