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League Jock MacKenzie
A brilliant piece of captaincy by Jock Mackenzie made all the difference between winning and losing last Saturday.

Twenty minutes had gone by of the second half and Redford's opening point had been equalised before the interval by Coleboure.

The home lads were pressing with everything except the grandstand and we were very much up against it. The "old Faithfuls" forming the rearguard and our grand half line defended as only they can.

No serious shot was allowed to reach Wakefield but a home goal only seemed a matter of time. Then Jock operated the Mackenzie-Redford switch and from then onward the Rebels were the only team on the field.

First, Redford, then Angell, then Mackenzie and finally Redford again crashed the nails into the Chippenham coffin.

It was good to be alive and we were proud to be connected with Slough. Believe us, we were excited somewhat. Even Charlie Gibbons was standing on his seat yelling "Up The Rebels!".

Jimmy Jones threw his hat into the air. It never came back and he did not miss it until yesterday. Several staid executives were doing a lively jig, whilst Jock MacDougal was on his knees saying something that resembled "For the Love of Allah".

The lads were wonderful and playing winning football. There was no team in England that could stop them on this form. Every man back in the Rebel team played like a champion and we single the following players out for special mention for fine cup-fighting performances: Charles Wakefield, who made all shots look easy by his fine positioning. Bob Elderfield, who never faltered; for strong tackles and clean kicking. Joe Potter, for a fearless exhibition of pluck, skill and resolution. Stan Holton, clever and constructive - he never stopped running one. Ron Clements, for the finest classical display ever seen on the Chippenham ground. This boy never made a bad kick on an icebound surface and earned the nickname from Chippenham of the "Anchor of Slough." A really wonderful game.

Jimmy Thomson, the five fee two and a half battering ram, ever tackling with determination and opening up the game with skill. Bert Angell, a match winning forward if ever there was one. His opponents found it impossible to stop him; his centres and corners were perfection.

Ernie Clarke for brilliant cross passing plus superlative ball control, his swerves and turns were audacious. Arthur Redford, for three clever and damaging goals - he was unstoppable in the latter stages. Jock Mackenzie - his everlasting and tireless energy pulled the team round when things looked lack. A really grand player whose captaincy continues to improve each week. Early this year we said Jock had the makings of a great captain - folks we take that back. Mackenzie is a great captain already.

Billy Godding who chased every win ball no matter how remote the chance and succeeded in getting over many telling centres. A last minute choice who did exceedingly well under trying conditions.

These wingmen, you know, have long waiting periods and usually hear all the conflicting "advice" from the touch line "experts." Usually well meaning, but confounding and useless always.

These Rebels of ours deserve a special cheer from you all, so, boys and girls of the Rebel Camp, let us unite and give it to them when they take the field.

We also beat Chippenham at Darts afterwards and had a grand time at their Supporters Club Dance. The Chips liked us and we liked them, in fact the boys never wanted to leave, but eventually we "encoached" around ten-thirty and arrived home in the early house of Sunday morning - very tired but very, very happy.

A word of thanks to all Supporters who made the long journey to cheer us, and a very special thanks to our dear friend and supporter who cycled there and back in a day - one hundred and sixty miles. Thank you, laddie.

We hope to hear and see you all again at Oxford and keep April the thirteenth free - it's going to be an unlucky day for the other team in the Final with us.

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