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Friend (16), Marks (45)


Burton (41)
League Charlie Marks
HAD anyone predicted at the close of last year that Slough would win five successive league matches and beat Dagenham and Barking in successive weeks he would most likely have been given the address of a good psychiatrist.

Yet this is exactly what has happened under the guidance of caretaker manager Laurie Churchill who has transformed the attitudes of the Slough players so completely in recent weeks that it is hard to recognise them as the same team.

Following their fine victory at Dagenham, the clash with Barking, the champions, drew the season's largest attendance for a league match and they were well rewarded with 90 minutes of attacking endeavour that provided nearly the best match of the season.

Slough almost took the lead in the seventh minute when Dave Russell burst through, his shot being saved by Blake as it seemed to be past him - but nine minutes later Slough went ahead following a free kick. Kiely was pushed over a couple of yards outside the area. Terry Reardon pushed the ball to Barry Friend whose unstoppable left-foot shot entered the net at the foot of the post before Blake could move.

Barking soon retaliated and Teale was forced to save well from Bryn Key and then he produced the save of the match from Tony Brothers, who blasted in a terrific shot from point blank range. Teale caught the ball at full stretch to make a sensational save. A fine move by Barking saw Key shoot just over the bar and then Peter Feely set up Charlie Marks who likewise was within inches of increasing Slough's lead.

Four minutes before half time the visitors equalised. Eric Young conceded a corner on the right and from the resulting flag kick Peter Burton pushed the ball slowly past Teale and it rolled gently into the net.

The Rebels quickly recovered and again took the lead at the vital time just seconds before the interval. Barrett gave away a corner that was taken by Barry Friend who placed the flag across to the far end of the penalty area where Eric Young rose and nodded the ball towards the goal and there was Charlie Marks diving in to turn the ball into the net with his head.

The second half could hardly be as good as the first but there was plenty of interest and Slough lived dangerously in the 62nd minute when Burton headed past Teale and Mackay was there to clear when all seemed lost.

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