Slough Get A Win Over Horsham

Slough Town

Slough Town

Melling (17, 2-1, 3-1), Morley (4-1), Berryman (85)


Browning (1-1)
League Terry Melling
Having already beaten Slough twice this season, there was no reason why Horsham should not gain a triple triumph in this latest meeting. Instead they repeated the previous day’s performance and collapsed during the second half.

But Slough had smarted enough at the hands of Horsham and they started the game with the determination that they would not be beaten again by a team at the other end of the league table.

From the outset the Slough forwards were extremely dangerous. The Horsham attack was good in approach but the finishing was hesitant and weak.

Although Horsham were on the attack in the opening stages, the first goal came from Slough, who scored in the 17th minute with a long lob from centre-forward Melling which went in off the post.

Horsham were soon back in the attack but Mick Browning was not breaking through the Slough defence and Colin Penticost was being effectively pegged down by veteran Bule.

ln another raid by Slough, Roy Mobsby saved a goal by punching the ball over the bar. From the penalty kick, taken by Jakubiec, goalie Ron Watson saved with a headlong dive.

Horsham swung back into the attack for Browning to score from a Keith Brister centre before Slough had time to recover from their disappointment.

While inside-left Jock Mearns was off the field being treated for some bad face cuts from a boot, Slough’s centre-forward Melling put the home side ahead after some strong, accurate passing by the forward line.

Soon after the interval Slough were pressing Horsham back on their heels with powerful and low kicking. Mobsby cleared an inswinging corner kick from the goal line and, a few minutes later, lnglis also cleared from the goalmouth.

Half-way through the second half, Melling completed his hat-trick when he headed in a corner kick.

Three minutes later Morley scored after Melling had clipped the ball to him.

By this time Slough were having it all their own way and five minutes before the end Berryman made it five with a first time shot after Driver had squared the ball.

Horsham Lineup

Ron Watson, Ron Hartley, Keith Inglis, Billy Bell, Geoff Crowther, Roy Mobsby, Colin Penticost, Gordon New, Mick Browning, Jock Mearns, Keith Brister.


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