Bushay strike earns crucial point

Sutton United

Sutton United

Smart (38 pen)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Bushay (60)
League Attendance: 631 Mark Watkins
Rebels fans knew as they left Gander Green Lane on Thursday night that the title was finally impossible, as their team failed in an unlikely quest for three points against Conference failures Sutton.

The home side, dogged by relegation troubles, put up a spirited resistance to Slough's pressure in an absorbing contest which could ultimately have gone either way.

The chances were split roughly 50:50 between the two sides, with Sutton unlucky on 10 minutes, as a Folley header hit the crossbar one minute after Bushay had forced a good save at the other end.

Once again, however, it was refereeing which settled the result, with a very dodgy penalty awarded in the 38th minute providing the game's turning point. Watson chased neck and neck with Baron, and as they reached the area, the veteran defender appeared to hook the ball away with a sliding tackle. The attacker fell, the referee had no doubt but noticeably did not send Baron off. Smart firmly converted the spot-kick.

Strongarm tactics could well have handed Sutton the game, with Slough's flowing football suffocated of the space it so desperately needs.

Persistence was badly needed, and the chasing and harrying paid off on the hour when the hardworking West lobbed the ball sweetly out to Bushay, who rounded the 'keeper with ease and drove the ball into the net from the left.

Ironically, United could have won it late-on, with Bunting once again flapping around on the edge of the area and seeing a lob bounce off the bar and a hopeful long-range effort hit the roof of the net.

They also missed out on another, more likely, penalty when the ball appeared to strike Lee's hand right in front of the referee. But Hayes' defeat on the same night made the point a little more valuable and the Rebels may well soon have something to celebrate.

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