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Kane (12), Turner (15), Salmon (52), Unknown (4-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

FA Trophy Attendance: 670
Slough Town were down and out of the FA Trophy on Saturday both shamed and humiliated with one of their most dreadful results for years.

Everyone was talking by Monday of how Enfield — racked by a number of injuries —trounced GM Vauxhall Conference side Slough by four goals.

Yet again Slough failed to pay the necessary respect to a side that competes below them in the non-league pyramid — this time. Slough only had one decent shot on target, greeted by sarcastic cheers from their embarrassed band of supporters late in the game.

It was a thoroughly unprofessional performance in which Conference side Slough defended like school boys — they only have themselves to blame.

Of course the missing Trevor Bunting was a problem as he fell victim to the flu — and Slough failed to have any aerial power at the back with both Mick Putnam and Darren Anderson out. But on the day the Rebels were still the Conference side — though you would never had believed it.

Only a small number of players can come through this experience with their heads held high as Slough reached a new low. The result now brings Slough recent results of 0-1, 0-3, 0-4, 5-2, 0-4.

It was a case of dire defending that sent the Rebels fans home red faced and had them squirming in embarrassment for nearly an hour — some had paid up to £15 for their afternoon trip.

The first error came on 12 minutes. Tony Knight turned with the ball at his feet and sent a backpass a good 20 yards away from young stand-in keeper Richard Watkiss. From the corner Mark Kane fired home from 20 yards with ease.

The next came on 15 minutes. Steve Thompson losing possession allowing Enfield to counter and finished with a sweetly struck shot by Paul Turner.

The third was on 52 minutes. Tony Dell's header lacked direction and purpose midfield and fell to Salmon who ran on, and on and on, unchallenged before firing home.

Next on 56 minutes Watkiss was caught off his line with a 40 yard lob and he just watched as it dropped over his head for 4-0.

The game was never going to be easy — Enfield sit in second place behind the season's wonders Woking and despite a recent change of management are still picking up points.

Their new boss is Eddie McCluskey who led them to both the title and Trophy winners honours for the Conference Premier League.

It was all Enfield for the most part of the first 35 minutes. Slough came back after time but never looked like scoring and were totally unconvincing.

Colin Fielder had dropped back into the centre of defence to partner Tony Knight — who has been off form recently.

A boggy, bobbly pitch didn't help matters and it was marked out well inside the perimeter fence which proved totally deceptive.

Enfield were better organised. Slough struggled against their width, pace and aggression and just couldn't match them when trying to break out of defence.

Their passes went astray as Enfield got men behind the ball time after time and they worked hard and pressurised every player on the ball.

Enfield's commitment was unquestionable, they wanted the win — they had everything Slough didn't. Perhaps at times it was a little too much and Warmington found himself in the books for a rough challenge.

But the home side worked hard and Slough had little response, they found themselves continually kept deep and when they did break the ball into the box found nothing and did little.

Slough came back late in the half and looked as though they might begin to turn things around. They began to find some space on both flanks but again the ball into the box was lacking.

A timely challenge by Mark Hill prevented Kane from racing clean through but the clean challenge ended with Kane exiting the pitch with a broken jaw.

Enfield's Smart then half the game was alive for Slough to pull themselves back, but they failed to break down a solid Enfield defence.

For their better territorial advantage in the second period Slough did nothing and barely threatened. With 52 minutes it was all over as Dell's sloppy header let in Salmon and the hesitant Slough defence weakly conceded another.

Watkiss was quick off his line to block when Richards streaked through the defence and Fielder cleared the loose ball

Slough didn't look like they would get back into the game as the half wore on. Though both wide men had space, the ball wasn't good enough into the box and McKinnon received a buffeting from Warmington as he tried vainly to pull things round.

As the game wore on Slough slowly got round the back of the Enfield defence with more ease but time after time loan keeper Gary Phillips had the simple task

The best two chances came for Slough in the dying minutes when Eammon O'Connor, on for the injured Joseph, had an effort charged off the line and Gary Donnellan shot into the side netting.

There are questions now left to be answered and as the deep red sky set behind the stand of Southbury Road, it couldn't have been any more red than the faces of those who hold so much pride in their club.

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