Slough Win Through Against Reading

Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Slough Town

Slough Town

R. J. Ivall (70), Poole (74), J. Ivall (0-3)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
Under adverse circumstances the semifinal in the Berks & Bucks Senior Cup took place at Maidenhead. Slough had their full team out, and though Reading were minus the services of some of their regular players, they found some very capable soccer players to fill the vacancies. The ground was in a fair state, considering the heavy fall of snow in the morning. The turf was very slippery and the players could hardly keep their feet.

Under such conditions it is needless to say scientific play was out of the question. Slough in the first few moments pressed hard and Neal had to save twice very quickly, Hart then got down but he was pulled up by Walker, who transferred the leather to Young. The latter ran up and centred beautifully, Ivall nearly scoring.

The ball was returned on the left wing, and as the result of some pretty passing on the part of the Reading quintet, the ball was in close proximity of the Slough citadel.

Again the South Bucks mean came up the field, and Summersby tricking both the backs got up to the corner flag when he centred magnificently, the ball running along the front of the bar. If it had been two inches lower it must have gone in, as the custodian would have had no chance to save it. Eventually after Ivall had also hit the crossbar, Wright kicked wildly and sent over. A rush down on the right was well stopped by Werrell and the ball brought back to the Reading territory.

Wright got the ball, but was stopped for an infringement of the offside rule. The next important incident was a corner to Reading whose forwards were far away prettier and cleverer than the front rank of their opponents. The Amateurs pressed for some minutes and Summersby conceded a corner. The kick was beautifully taken, and Crocker just managed to turn the ball round the outside post of his goal, and granted another corner. Collier took a splendid kick, landing the ball in the mouth of goal. Crocker proved quite equal to the occasion and fisted out.

Poole gained possession, and was off all "on his own" when his progress was cut short by Witherington. The Old Carthusian and his partner, Suarey, were both showing sound defence, and time after time stopped the Bucks team from scoring. The ball was taken down by Todd, who got through the Slough defence and had the goal absolutely at his mercy, but his attempt to find the net was a wretched one. At this period of the game, Atkinson was hurt, Crocker, in clearing, accidentally kicking him; he had to retire for a minute or two, but was son again in the field, and signaled his return by nearly scoring a goal.

The Amateurs had now considerably the best of matters, and it was only the good defence of Slough in breaking up their passing which prevented them getting in. Young now came away, and centering nicely to Poole, the latter had a grand opening, but he never tried to reach the ball, which went over to the wing. Things certainly looked a little better for Slough, and Young gave Poole another chance, but he banged the ball over the goal posts into Bell-street.

Half time arrived without either side having scored.

On restarting, the Slough side were conjured to "wake up" and "get together" but for some time they could make no headway. A corner fell to Slough, but it was futile. A good opportunity presented itself to Wright, but he shot wild. Then the Amateur team assumed the aggressive, and the halves had a lot of work, R. J. Ivall being especially conspicuous. Todd again had the Slough goal at his mercy and shot, but Crocker saved splendidly, albeit he had to give a corner.

Thus the war was waged, the Amateurs proving rather the more hostile. Five and twenty minutes after the restart the Slough men were pressing and Denton centred, and a scrimmage ensued within five yards of the Reading goal. Neal cleared, but R. H. Ivall who was standing well behind the melee, got the ball and as quick as lightning sent in a swift low shot and scored a goal before the custodian had hardly seen the ball.

A great change came over the play now. With their heads in front, the Slough team seemed irresistible, and one could hardly realise that it was the same team that was playing in the previous portions of the game.

There was plenty of dash shown, and the Reading men were now fairly run off their feet. Three and a half minutes from opening the account Poole scored a second goal, which put the question of a drawn game on one side. On starting the ball, Poole and Ivall ran down close together, but Witherington came to the rescue just in time and gave a corner. From the kick the ball hovered close to the Amateur goal, and J. Ivall found the net, but offside was given.

Immediately afterwards Young passed over to Denton, who transferred to J. Ivall and the last named notched a third goal for the Bucks team.

The Amateurs then got away, and the ball was sent to Crocker, but the latter had to crawl out on his body to reach the ball. Hart ran up and it was a query whether Crocker would be able to get the ball away. He managed to clear and performed a magnificently plucky save as if Hart had got to the ball the goalkeeper would probably have received a nasty blow.

After this, Poole scored another goal, but offside spoiled the effort. The whistle then below for time, and Slough for the first time in the history of the club, has been left to fight in the final for the coveted trophy. A scene of great enthusiasm was witnessed at the finish, the Slough supporters breaking across the field and patting their representatives, whilst the skipper of the team was shouldered to "The Bell" where both elevens had tea together.

Reading Amateurs Lineup

F. W. Neal, G. Witherington, C. Snarey, C. Stanley, H. Roberts, B. A. Collins, A. P. Hart, H. J. Marston, H. Stanley, A. S. Todd, G. Atkinson.


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