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Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (38)
B&B Senior Cup Attendance: 900 Sid Crocker
These two teams met again in the above competition on Saturday last. Having played drawn games at Marlow and Slough, the venue for the game was on neutral territory, the Maidenhead football club ground. Needless to say there was a tremendous amount of interest shown in the tie in both the Bucks towns and each team was followed by a large body of supporters.

The conditions were that again most wretched, a nasty drizzling rain falling in the morning, making the turf very slippery. Slough had slightly strengthened her team, Ivall again coming in the forward line, but Marlow were unfortunate in the fact of James and Fisher not being able to play. The latter is a speedy left-winger and would have caused a considerable amount of trouble. Turney and Dormer filled the vacancies caused. The teams took to the field about 2.20 each side being heartily cheered by the spectators who numbered about 900.

Slough won the toss and kicked towards the canal. Immediately after the ball was set rolling Morton had to save but play was quickly transferred to the Slough end and a miskick by Summersby looked very dangerous. Werrell was hard pressed, and he gave a corner. This was nicely taken and Slough was forced to grant another similar concession.

This yielded no advantage as the ball was sent behind. Marlow had the best of matters, the Slough men seeming unable to settle down and get together. Werrell made a bad miskick right in front of goal and Moore had the goal at his mercy and shot but Crocker saved well but did not get the ball away, and Arbor shot over the bar.

The leather was worked down on the right, but the ball was sent out. From the kickoff, Davis got possession and put in a very nice run. Matters again looked bad for Slough, especially when Walker made a similar miskick to that committed by his captain a few minutes previously. on this occasion Werrell rushed in before the Marlow forward could get on the ball and sent into touch. Werrell headed a shot sent in by Ted Shaw away, and play for a brief spell settled in neutral territory.

This was not for long and slow pressed hard and were very near scoring. The ball was brought back and Moore missed a fine opening. Ivall also got away with the ball, dribbled down and sent it to Poole, but the latter was given for offside.

Sellman was conspicuous for some useful work feeding his forwards with excellent judgement. A fair chance of opening their account was missed by the Marlow front rank and then Denton put in one of his characteristically tricky runs and finished by centering to Paul but Teddy Shaw succeeded in beating his opponent.

A foul against Marlow in Slough territory did not prove a very great advantage, and the ball was taken in midfield. The Slough team were now playing a better game, the defence of the Marlow team being severely taxed more than once.

Summersby was playing a fine half back game and watching Davis, who was evidently the hope of Marlow, very carefully, with the result that nearly every time he beat him. In fact “Rauji” was responsible for one of the soundest games he has yet played this season.

Marlow again got into the Slough 25 but Davis could not get round and he shot out.

Reggie Young, who so far had not impressed one as being in his usual form, run down and centred, but the veteran Shaw gained possession and took it right through three of the Slough team, and then passed up to Arbor. The latter was quickly dispossessed and from a fine centre by Denton, Ivall put in a warm shot but Morton was ready and cleared well.

The ball was rushed back and sent over to Arbor who was offside and thus a capital chance to open the scoring was lost. The Marlow forwards lost more than one opportunity and then Slough had a turn, Jerry Ivall just missing the mark. after Morton had again brought off a good save, a foul was given Slough in their opponents quarters. The kick was nicely taken and the ball placed in the centre, but the Marlow halves pounced on it, and quickly sent the sphere out of danger, and they in turn got in close proximity to the enemies citadel.

Werrell was pressed, and he had no option but to kick it into touch. Another foul to Slough relieved the pressure, but it was only temporary, as the ball was again hovering too near the Slough goal for the comfort of the Slough supporters, who were loud in their advice to their representatives to "get it together and kick it away".

Instead of doing so, Werrell at a critical moment missed his kick and three of the Marlow forwards were on the ball and within 10 yards of the goal. It was odds on the Marlow men getting a goal, and they shot, but Crocker had to be reckoned with and he brought off a grand save much to the relief and thankfulness of at least 200 anxious spectators.

The game was transferred to the other end where after Denton, Wright and Poole had been distinguishing themselves, a scramble in front of goal resulted from a nice centre by Young and in the midst of the melee the ball was put in the net by Jerry Ivall, Morton having no chance, and a goal scored for Slough 38 minutes after the start of the hostilities.

With their heads in front, the Slough team "bucked up" and Poole only just missed notching a second point. Davis came down and made a beautiful effort, the ball having a lot of curl on it.

Crocker again brought down the house with his clever manipulation of the ball. Both sides pressed in turn but at half-time the scoresheet read Slough one goal, Marlow nil.

Having been fortified with Bovril, it was expected that the Slough men, who during the final 20 minutes of the first half had had all the best of the game and now seemed quite settled down, and would score one or two goals and bring off a good win.

As events proved, they had the greatest trouble in the world to win, and it was only due to the superb goalkeeping of Crocker that they were not defeated.

In restarting the ball, Marlow got to work determinedly, whereas the Slough players seemed to lose their heads a bit and got demoralised. They were all sixes and sevens, and Arbor looked certain to score but offside spoiled his chance.

Again Marlow were pressing hard and a warm shot was sent in, Crocker saved it and guided the ball round the post. Slough tried hard but could not get the ball away. Marlow were playing a grand game and were on the ball every time. Another good shot was put in, and Crocker received the plaudits of all for another magnificent save.

A few moments in neutral territory and then Marlow were again making tracks for the Slough citadel, but Walker came to the rescue and relieved the danger.

Marlow still kept up the pressure, and the Slough supporters felt none too comfortable. Poole got through his opponents and passed to Ivall, but Jerry’s shot was wide. A corner fell to each side but both kicks were got away and then the Slough team rushed the ball up but Teddy Shaw, who was undoubtedly the best man on the field, stopped the rush and the ball went out.

Slough who were playing better now again got away and Ivall also made a good effort to add a second point but he was not successful. A foul was given against Slough and Arbor put in a grand shot, but Crocker again brought off a brilliant save.

The game fluctuated after this, first one side and then the other pressing, but neither side could get through the defence of their opponents, and when the referee blew the whistle Slough where declared the winner is the score being Slough one goal, Marlow nil.

A scene of rare enthusiasm was now witnessed, the Slough followers breaking across the ground and lustily cheering the heroes and patting them on their backs, whilst everyone was full of the prowess of Crocker who was unquestionably the hero of the day for the splendid manner in which he had kept the Marlow shots at bay.

Marlow Lineup

G. Morton, E. Shaw, Sid Shaw, L. J. Sellman, R. J. Spindlo, J. A. Turney, W. Davis, J. Dormer, F. W. Moore, C. A. Shaw, H. Arbor.


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