Marlow And Slough Draw In Cup



Moore (1-0), C. A. Shaw (88)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Summersby (1-1), J. Wright (1-2)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
This match was played at Marlow before an enthusiastic gathering. Both clubs had their strongest available team. The visitors played down the slope in the first half, and for some time there was little to choose between the two teams.

Marlow made some determined rushes, and from a scrimmage in the goalmouth, Moore scored. Nothing further was done prior to the interval.

Early in the second half the Marlow goalkeeper was penalised almost under the bar for carrying the ball. Marlow got the ball away, but Summersby returned it into the net.

A few minutes later a pass by Denton enabled Poole to give the visitors the lead.

Marlow played a dashing game during the last twenty minutes, and Slough acted entirely on the defensive, kicking out repeatedly.

Marlow could not get through until two minutes before the finish, when C. A. Shaw scored a grand goal. The game ended in a draw of two goals each.

Marlow Lineup

H. E. Sawyer, E. Shaw, Sid Shaw, K. J. Sellman, R. J. Spiddlo, H. Arber, W. Davis, J. W. Jancs, F. W. Moore, C. A. Shaw, L. A. Fisher


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