Norfolkians Cause Cup Upset

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Miller (1-0), Emony (2-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

FA Cup Unknown
The Maidenhead Norfolkians created a surprise in Maidenhead by beating Slough in the second qualifying round of the English Cup Competition.

Each club put out its best available team, the Norfolkian's eleven including E. Gibbons, S. Beasley, and M. E. Pike, the first two named of whom regularly played for Maidenhead last season.

The showers in the morning made the going heavy; moreover the grass was a little long, which did not help matters.

There was a very good attendance including a fair contingent from Slough. Slough won the toss and set the Norfolks to play with the sun in their faces.

Moore kicked off at 3.15 for the pavilion goal. Slough at once became aggressive and Lawrence was tested by Walker. The homesters, however, soon got into their stride and transferring the ball to the opposite end, Crocker had to come out to save his goal.

Denton getting within range, sent in a well meant shot, but it went across the mouth of the goal and behind. H. Barrington sent in a very fine long, high shot, which Crocker well judged; then Slough were getting down, and J. Harrington fouling an opponent gave the Bucks club a free kick. Nothing came of it and Slongh renewing the attack, Wright centred very finely, and from it Denton ought to have scored, but he erratically sent the ball wide, and so a good chance of opening the scoring was lost.

Moore was similarly at fault for the Norfolks immediately afterwards. He had an open goal before him, but shot with much less accuracy than he probably did when fighting the Boers, for he sent the ball skying over the goal!

However, his side made amends a few minutes later, as after some very good combination, Miller sent in a low shot which quite baffled Crocker and the Norfolks scored amid very hearty applause.

Encouraged by their success, the Norfolkians, on the kickoff, played with increased spirit and Slough had their work cut out to keep pace with them. Some amusement was caused by a tussle between Summersby and Gibbon, in which the latter turned completely head over heels.

A corner for Slough was entrusted to Summersby who unfortunately for his side put the hall behind. Slough were now putting more spirit into their play, and the halves and forwards were getting well ahead when J. Barrington very cleverly administered a severe check. Denton, however, recovered the ball and tried a shot which was well saved by Lawrence, and finally Slough lost any chance they had of netting the ball by one of their men kicking wildly over the bar.

A shot by Moore failed at the opposite end, while nothing came of free kicks by Slough for fouls — one by Wiggins on Summersby and the other by Moore on the goalkeeper (in a rush).
A grand shot by Beasley was capitally saved and then Werrell made a bad miss and let in Emony, who scored a second goal very easily, about 20 minutes after the previous score.

On the kick-off, the Norfolks were awarded a corner kick and then the Slough forwards gave their first exhibition in the art of passing, and so well did they combine, that a goal seemed highly probable. Walker made the shot, and it was a beauty, but Lawrence was equal to it and received deserved cheers for a clever save.

Lawrence afterwards made two successful saves, and at the other end Moore headed the ball behind from a neat pass by Miller. Slough had the best of the exchanges from now to half-time but they were weak near goal, and ends were changed with the Norfolkians still two goals to the good.

After the breather the game was resumed, and Slough again attacked first but the effort was a feeble one. The ball now travelled up and down for some little time though the Norfolks were always showing the better form.

A foul against Summersby within nice range gave J. Harrington and his side a good chance but Beasley headed behind. A corner for Slough preceded a magnificent shot by Poole, the ball striking the corner of the goal and Lawrence adroitly sending it behind.

Both Poole and Lawrence were applauded. Nothing came of the corner, or of a subsequent corner following some good play by Poole. Moore had an open goal just afterwards, but was pressed by opponents and he shot behind. A corner for either side followed and then Pike fouled Ivall, and the referee promptly awarded Slough a free kick, but it availed them nothing.

The game proceeded with varying success to both teams, but there was no further scoring, and the Norfolkians deservedly won by 2 goals to 0.

The Norfolkians were far and away the smarter team. They played better together, they were quicker on the ball and their defence was sound. Slough, on the other hand were too slow, and very erratic in front of goal. They very rarely got together, and when they did combine well they did not make the most of their opportunities. Their back division was weak. Their best men were Summersby, Young, Wright and Denton. J. Harrington was the best of the Norfolkians' backs, his play being excellent. H. Barrington, E. Gibbons, S. Beasley and Wiggins were always prominent and the others gave a creditable display.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

A. Lawrence, M. E. Pike, J. Harrington, S. Gutteridge, H. Harrington, E. Gibbons, S. Beasley, W. Emony, F. Moore, C. Miller, H. Wiggins.


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