Wycombe Beat Slough By Two

Wycombe Wanderers

Wycombe Wanderers

Rouse (1-0, 2-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

League Unknown
The above game was played at Wycombe on Saturday last and ended in a victory for the home team by two goals to nil.

Wycombe won the toss and Ivall started the game against the wind. The first stages of play were very poor indeed, neither side appearing able to do anything. The home team was the first to settle down to anything approaching combination and the right wing made a fair attempt to score, Rouse putting behind.

From the kick-off Denton and Poole made tracks for the home goal, but Ivall took their centre badly. For several minutes Slough gave the Wycombe defence an anxious time, but poor shooting was the main factor in preventing a score.

The game appeared very even now, the ball travelling from one end to to the other at a fair pace. After a good run and centre by Keen, Rouse headed through from an apparently offside position, and the Referee signalled Wycombe one up.

The Slough defence, who had all along played a good game, Walker and Young being prominent, prevented further scoring to halftime,

On the restart it was seen that the visiting left half was limping and was no more good to the Slough men.

Wycombe went off with a rush and almost scored, Crocker saving well from the outside left.

For a quarter of an hour Slough defence was hard pressed, but gained the upper hand always. Denton, Poole, and Wright made several incursions into Wycombs territory, Denton missing the goal rather badly on one occasion.

A short time before ths whistle blew Rouse scored number two with a lovely shot, and the game finished a stated above.

For the losers Denton and Poole among the forwards played a good game, and the defence was all that one could wish. The winners unfortunately spoiled their play by rather rough and unsportsmanlike tactics. For them the right wing and Rouse played well, but the defence was shaky.

Wycombe Wanderers Lineup

E. Reynolds, W. J. M. Probert, C. Buchanan, B. C. Hooper, A. W. Keen, G. Stevens, F. C. Keen, A. Green, F. Rouse, W. Buchanan (c), T. Barlow.


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