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Gatward (86)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
These teams met in the fourth round of the qualifying competition for the Amateur Cup on the Recreation Ground, Harrow.

The homesters were at fall strength, but the visitors were again without the services of Stribling at back.

The ground was very greasy, with the result that combined and accurate passing was very difficult. The teams lined up at 2.35 and Slough, having lost the toss, had the wind against them.

The visitors went in promising fashion and caused their supporters considerable pleasure at the manner in which they passed for the first five minutes. They were not able to score, and Welsh dribbled out of danger and a foul against Slough improved matters for the homesters but Warren sent into touch.

From the throw in Morris got possession and ran up the line and passed over to Poole, who transferred the ball to the centre and Wheatley tried a shot, but it was futile.

Welsh was again conspicuous, and a nice piece of passing between he and Parker ensued, and the latter tried to net the bell, but Crocker cleared.

Harrow caused the visitors an uncomfortable minute or two but a foul gave relief to Slough and Morris worked the ball into neutral territory. Again Welsh penetrated the visitors' citadel, when he was pulled up beautifully by Werrell who transferred to Denton and he in turn passed to Morris, and the latter was dangerous, when Stone dispossessed him and kicked away.

Young and Werrell both had their work cut out for some time, the homesters attacking in a very determined fashion, their half backs especially distinguishing themselves by beating the visiting forwards time after time. Nash banged in a low shot but Crocker met it and cleared.

Harrow for some little time were dangerous, but eventually the ball was sent out. From the goal-kick the Slough halves got quickly on the ball, and an appeal for "hands" being granted, play was very soon in the home territory, and Gatward spoiled an excellent opportunity by infringing the off-side rule.

Immediately afterwards Walden, who had been playing a capital game, passed very nicely to Gatward, who ran up a little way and centred to Denton, who put in a tame shot which Baker had no difficulty in negotiating.

Denton again tried, but the ex-Watford player was all there and cagily defended his citadel. Gatward and Denton then combined and the former looked like scoring but he was knocked off the ball.

A swift shot from the Slough left was nearly let through by Baker. The Bucks men now pressed very hotly. Ivall, Poole and Morris all tried to get through, but it was no good. Marshall relieved the pressure and caused the excitement to be transferred to his opponents end where he had the goal at his mercy, but he shot very wild and the ball went over.

Marshall was again making tracks, but Werrell pulled him up very smartly. An amusing bout was now witnessed between Walden and Welsh of which the visitor had rather the best and forced his opponent to get rid of the ball.

A scrimmage in front of the visitors' goal looked ominous, but Slough offered a stubborn and sound defence and the danger was overcome.

From a corner conceded to the home-side, Denton headed to Morris, who dashed up the line and passed to Poole, who transferred to Gatward, and the latter forced a corner.

Wardell took the kick and placed the ball magnificently, Baker just managing to save a goal.

Slough were the aggressors for some time. but the slippery ball rendered it impossible to shoot, and time after time what on a good dry ground would have been easy goals were now missed.

A pretty piece of passing was now witnessed in which Wheatley, Denton, Morris and Gatward were conspicuous and the last-named netted the ball, but an appeal for off-side was allowed.

Slough continued pressing, but at half-time neither side bad been able to score.

Immediately after the interval Harrow rushed down and Nash shot, and Crocker scooped the ball away, but did not clear well, with the result that Parker got the ball and sent in a warm shot and hit the bar.

Harrow was still going strong and kept the Slough defence fully occupied. Marshall passed to Dawes, and the latter commenced making tracks for the Slough goal, but Walden tackled him very finely and dispossessed him, and the ball was taken into the home territory but nothing resulted, the men failing to keep their feet so greasy was the turf.

Play was then taken into the centre field, but it did not remain in this quarter long, Nash taking it away. Walden worried him so that he could not make much progress end ball was sent over the touch line.

A foul fell to each side, the result of which was that Slough were hovering around the Middlesex men's citadel, until Worrell headed out.

Morris ran up the line and centred very nicely, and Gatward made a good attempt, but he was off-side. A splendid kick by Taylor transferred play, and Brown tried to pot a goal but his effort went wide.

Morris then got the ball but was selfish and lost it. As it happened it was not a costly mistake, as Ivall directly afterwards secured the ball and made an unsuccessful bid for victory.

A corner against Slough was well taken, and Crocker had to net it away, and a foul was awarded the visitors for charging their custodian.

Ivall was dribbling down but was stopped by the referee for being offside — a very doubtful decision. The visitors "bucked up" and Wheatley passed to Morris, the left "winger" sending in a splendid shot, Gatward, Denton, and Morris all endeavoured to find the net, but Baker proved equal to the occasion.

A foul in the home territory caused some anxiety to the Harrovians, but the ball was kicked out. Marshall gained possession and passed to Parker, who gave the most brilliant piece of individual work of the afternoon by running round the visiting defence and then half way up the field, and finished up with a grand shot which Crocker saved well.

Parker was again conspicuous and showing a good turn of speed needed careful looking after, Werrell being obliged to kick out to avoid a catastrophe.

A corner was conceded Slough and Poole made a weak attempt to beat Baker which was followed by a clinking shot by Werrell. The Harrow custodian was very cool and safe and met all those attacks successfully.

Welsh on the left made matters brighter for his side and he and Marshall forced Crocker to act on the defensive. The game was of an even character, Slough having perhaps rather the best of the exchanges.

Considerable excitement prevailed as time sped on and neither side could claim any advantage. Nash endeavoured to out-wit Crocker but Werrell headed out of danger.

Poole and Ivall played nicely together and by concerted action managed to elude the home backs, and they looked certain to score -Poole shot, but Baker saved grandly.

Again the visitors attacked, and Denton passed to Gatward on the right, the latter "banging" in a beauty and the home custodian again elicited rounds of cheering by his brilliant defence.

Only five minutes remained to play when Harrow met with bad luck, their captain, Taylor, who had played a fine game at back, twisting the sinews of his knee, in consequence of which he had to retire from the field.

This serious loss made all the difference to the game, and within a minute of his departure, Gatward scored for Slough. The visitors now had all the play. but could not add to their score, and a tight game resulted as follows:

Slough one goal, Harrow Athletic nil.

With regard to the game, it was impossible for scientific play. Slough were certainly slightly superior to their opponents and had it not been for the splendid display of Baker in goal they would have scored at least two goals more.

The one point where Harrow was superior to Slough was in this half-back line, their trio appearing to be smart on the ball.

Walden was perhaps the best of Slough's first line of defence but Wheatley did a lot of useful work. Jackson was very weak and was no match for the home right wing.

In the forward line Morris was the most conspicuous and rendered a good account of himself. Denton was well watched, and as a consequence did not shine so conspicuously as he usually does. Gatward played fairly well, but was frequently offside. Ivall and Poole both did well. Werrell played a good game at back, and was well supported by Young. The latter occasionally played the half-back game and dribbled instead of kicking.

Crooker, in goal. saved all that came his way, but he has fallen into the bad habit of leaving his goal unnecessarily. He is also rather slow in gathering the ball when it is low down.

Harrow Athletic Lineup

Baker, Taylor, Stones, Griffiths, Brewer, Brown, Nash, Dawes, Marshall, Parker, Welch.


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