Slough And Aylesbury Goalless

Slough Town

Slough Town

Aylesbury United

Aylesbury United

B&B Senior Cup Unknown
In wretched weather these teams met in the second round on the Dolphin Ground.

Slough had considerably the best of the game, but thanks to some excellent goalkeeping by Cromack they were unable to score.

At the commencement the homesters pressed, and five corners were conceded them in a very few minutes, but owing to the greasy turf the players found great difficulty in shooting.

Ivall and Poole both sent in good shots, but Cromack was fully alive to the situation and saved splendidly. A short spell of attack on the part of Aylesbury was followed by Morris, the new left wing player in the home team, being conspicuous with a capital shot which hit the bar.

Some combined play between Morris, Jackson and Denton resulted in the first-named forcing Cromack to save again. Slough caused the United backs much anxiety but a foul against Slough relieved the situation.

For a few moments neither side had much the better of the argument, then Poole ran down, but Gorman was one too many for him and conceded a corner, from which nothing resulted.

Cromack saved two or three shots splendidly, and corner after corner was given Slough, but this advantage was not improved upon. Aylesbury then had a look in but it was of a brief character and from a corner the ball was rushed down and Gatward scored, but offside was given.

Aylesbury again attacked and Crocker had to save but the ball hovered in home territory for a few seconds when Werrell averted all danger by kicking down the field.

Slough again experienced hard luck. Morris centred, and Gatward headed the ball to Ivall who scored. The referee ruled Gatward to be offside, consequently Ivall's attempt was useless. The decision caused great dissatisfaction, and it was the general opinion that it was an error on the part of Mr. McDonald.

Half-time arrived with neither side having scored.

On restarting Slough raided the visitors' territory. Several fouls were given against the United which materially assisted the homesters, who were dangerous for some time and should have scored.

The visiting backs showed a stubborn defence and frustrated all efforts to get through. Denton banged a shot in and hit the crossbar. The "ducks" had a very warm time but Cromack saved time after time magnificently and Simms and Adams then broke away and took the ball down the field. Crocker stopped their attempt to get a goal.

Gatward and Poole worked the "leather" back again and the former centred over the mouth of goal. Cromack fell and it looked as if the home side must score but Wood rushed up in the nick of time and kicked out of danger.

Again and again the home quintet got away but their efforts in front of goal were weak and good opportunities were missed.

Aylesbury made one or two breakaways and more than once were within an ace of scoring, but Crocker proved equal to the occasion and made some excellent saves.

The whistle blew with the game left drawn, a slice of good luck for the visitors, neither side having obtained a point.

Aylesbury United Lineup

Cromack, C. Gorman, J. Wood, W. Sanders, H. Kirby, W. L. Bucknell, C. Moore, J. Sanders, H. Simms, W. H. Adams, T. Hearn.


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