Slough Progress In Amateur Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Gatward (15), Denton (35, 55)


Osborne (5), Unknown (3-2)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
In miserable weather this tie was played at the Dolphin ground on Saturday before what, taking into consideration the inclemency of the weather, must be acknowledged a good attendance.

The start was a disastrous one for Slough, as in the first five minutes, Werrell in stopping a rush by the Apsley forwards, was accidentally kicked in the face, and while he was off the ground Osborne scored for the visitors.

With the return of Werrell Slough played up very hard to draw level and ten minutes from the previous score their efforts met with their due reward, Gatward scoring from a most difficult angle.

Directly after Gatward sent in another shot which the custodian fisted out from almost under the bar, and for the next few minutes the Apsley defence had a very warm time of it, the Slough forwards showing capital form. They met with a very stubborn defence, however, the visiting backs and custodian playing a great game.

Ten minutes to half-time, Denton did the needful and put Slough ahead with a long shot that beat Allum all the way.

Half-time arrived with no addition to the score.

In the second half, ten minutes only had passed when Gatward got the ball and passed to Denton and the latter added another goal.

The game continued to be fairly even, despite the greasy state of the turf. But it was chiefly in Slough's favour, and but for the really fine defence of Apsley, they must have added to their lead.

The visiting forwards were always dangerous when once they got fairly going as they made straight for goal in determined fashion, and in stopping one of these concerted movements, a Slough back accidentally fouled an opponent.

Nothing more was scored, and the whistle blew to the score: Slough, 3 goals; Apsley. 2 goals.

Apsley Lineup

A. Allum, S. Findlay, W. Bates, E. Jackson, M. McKay, J. Homans, W. Final, H. Osborne, W. Gurney, A. Hay, G. Seagrave.


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