Riversiders Win The Replayed Game

Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Gomm (1-0), Beasley (2-0, 3-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

FA Cup Unknown
A goodly number of Soccer enthusiasts journeyed to Maidenhead to witness the replayed tie. Slough was strengthened by the introduction of Nicholas and Shinner in place of Jackson and Willett.

The weather was inclement, several sharp showers making conditions very uncomfortable both for players and spectators. The wet turf caused the former considerable difficulty and militated against good combined play.

The home team had been "stiffened" by the inclusion of Adaway at back, Lacey going half.

Slough won the toss and had the benefit of a slight gradient during the initial moiety.

Within five minutes of the start Slough were dangerous, the outcome of a piece of combined work by the attack; Beasley passed over to Gatward who ran down and centred beautifully and Nicholas was within an ace of scoring.

After this Maidenhead had the best of matters for some minutes and Wheatley was kept busy defending his citadel, but, he cleared fairly well.

Hands were given to Maidenhead in their opponents' territory and Alf Walton popped a beauty in, but the backs relieved.

The relief was only of a temporary nature, as after the ball had traversed the length of the field it was brought back again and Maidenhead were again busy, Beasley nearly scoring through the custodian leaving his citadel.

The ball was taken into neutral territory and Werrell sent in a powerful shot from midfield, which the home custodian managed to save; Young however, got the return and sent in a cross shot, which just missed the mark.

The halves then put the ball over to the left wing, and Beasley dribbled up and shot. Wheatley saved it but failed to get the ball away and Gomm gaining possession, scored the first goal for Maidenhead.

On restarting Slough pressed vigorously, but they were slow in front of goal and failed to penetrate the defence of their opponents. Collyer and Gomm put in a spell of passing, when J. Wheatley stopped their progress by kicking into touch.

Gatward then ran up the line and made a splendid shot, the ball hitting the bar and rebounding into play. A fine opening was afforded Poole and Denton, but they were both too undecided with the result that the halves of Maidenhead, who were always quickly on the ball, got it away and kicked it out of danger.

Wood, Gomm and Collyer put in some pretty work, and both Stribling and Werell were kept busy. Lacey placed a "beauty", but it was negotiated and the forwards rushed it down.

From a foul Shinner got through and centred, but the "globe" was kicked out. At this period of the game the visitors experienced very hard luck. Ivall tried to find the net with a grand shot but Simmonds saved magnificently.

Three corners in succession fell to Slough, but they failed to be productive of any further advantage, and again Maidenhead were aggressive. The visiting backs held the homesters at bay, although they had considerable trouble.

A fine kick by Stribling transferred play, and Poole just missed scoring. The game was now of a scrambling description and little combination was shown.

Nicholas relieved the monotony of a somewhat uninteresting exhibition by a capital sprint down the field and finished up by shooting just over the bar.

Fate seemed against Slough, for at this point Young was hurt and was able to render very little service during the remainder of the game.

With practically only ten men in the field the homesters had the best of matters, and from a corner, Beasley sent in a swift shot in which the Slough custodian misjudged, and a second point was notched.

On restarting the ball, Maidenhead looked like adding a third, but Collyer missed a golden opportunity and at half-time the score remained — Maidenhead 2 goals, Slough nil.

After the interval the visitors seemed disorganised and exhibited very little cohesion. At the same time, though handicapped by Young being injured, they played with plenty of pluck, and more than once should have notched a point.

The visitors were the cleverer and faster team, and were frequently aggressive. Gomm and Beasley both nearly shot between the "uprights", and on one occasion when Wheatley had left his citadel — a bad habit be has acquired which should be rectified without waste of time — the ball would have rolled into the net had not Stribling got into goal just in time.

Three corners in succession fell to Slough and the ball on each occasion was splendidly placed by Skinner, who was playing forward vice Gatward in the second portion of the game.

The home defence was strong and Pike particularly distinguished himself by his resourcefulness, clever play and generally sound defence.

Nicholas, Shinner and Ivall were conspicuous for some concerted action and the last named finished up a capital piece of play with a nice shot which the goal keeper saved at the expense of an abortive corner.

Gomm and Collyer put in some tricky play and bothered the Slough halves, but they were unable to get through, and Nicholas kicked hard down the field and Denton gained possession but Pike beat him.

The game was of a give and take character for some minutes, neither side being able to score, but Collyer, Gomm and Wood were then again busy and Wheatley earned unstinted applause for brilliant saves.

Not to be denied, the home forwards again got away and Beasley shot, the ball going through Wheatley's legs and rolling into the net, thus notching a third point for the "riversiders".

After this, both sides made strenuous efforts to score, and at times both sides were dangerous, Ivall, Gatward, Skinner, and Nicholas all trying shots for Slough, but when the whistle blew, the score was :-
Maidenhead 3 goals, Slough nil.

Neither of the teams played the game they did on Saturday, but there is no question but that the best side won. In every department of the game the home side were superior.

Pike was the best full back on the field, and be should prove a first-class man for Maidenhead this season. Stribbling and Werrell both did fairly well at back, for Slough, but they were not so certain as usual. At the same time, they had a tremendous amount of work to do, and came out of the ordeal satisfactorily. The Slough halves were weak. Young, until he became hurt, was as good as any man in the same position on the field.

Wheatley, at centre half, however, was poor, and not at all in his usual form. Skinner played a good hard game, but he was apt to leave his wing. All the halves have a practice of kicking the ball on to the backs, instead of judiciously passing it to the forwards.

The Slough front rank apparently require practice, as it was seldom one saw any really pretty or accurate passing.

Individuality is all very well in its place but it will rarely win matches. They were also slow in taking opportunities to score when it was offered.

Nicholas, Poole and Denton were, on the day's play, most prominent. For Maidenhead, Simmonds played as excellent game in goal. Adaway and Pike were very safe at back. Lacey was the pick of a good trio of halves. The forwards should develop into a good front rank, as at times they showed some good passing. The slippery turf on this occasion no doubt spoilt their play, as it did that of their opponents.

Maidenhead United Lineup

A. Simmonds, T. Adaway, E. M. Pike, A. Henry, M. Lacey, Alf Walton, A. Gomm, A. Collyer, P. S. Wood, W. Walton, S. Beasley.


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