Windsor Progress In Cup

Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Simmons (1-0), Moore (2-0, 3-0), Hiley (4-1, 5-1)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Mines (3-1)
Oxford Hosp. Cup
Despite threatening rain, a large crowd assembled at Balloon Meadow on Wednesday afternoon to witness Windsor and Eton and Slough play their semi-final tie in the Oxford Hospital Cup competition.

The turf was rather greasy, but the conditions were fairly good, and rain did not fall until after the match.

Neither side was quite at full strength. E. Udell took Shuttle's place at half, and J. Hilley turned out instead of W. H. Wilkins, who was ill. R. Young played in place of F. West for Slough. At 4.30, half an-hour after the advertised time, owing to the late arrival of Slough, Mr. Mount, R. A., lined the teams up to commence the game.

Windsor and Eton won the toss, and elected to kick towards the town goal. The ball was set rolling by Battesea, and Windsor went down on the right, Moore dribbling through. Offside, however, relieved the pressure and some midfield work took place.

Then Skinner went down and centred, but Crocker saved. Shortly after A. Skinner and Venner were given offside in turn. Slough got up and Kent was given offside. Moore centred, and Young cleared.

Moore having shot by, the play continued in favour of Windsor, but Venner was given offside. Then Leat ran up on the right and put in a good centre. Kent met the ball, but shot it high over the bar.

Windsor and Eton went away, and gained a corner, but the ball was cleared. A. Skinner sent by, and then the leather was transferred to the other end. Holsum cleverly sent the ball down the ground, and shortly after A. Skinner put in a beautiful centre, which Moore headed by.

In the next minute Moore again headed in, but Crocker cleared. He ran out of goal, and a point seemed certain, but Hopkins cleared.

Slough went away and gained a corner, which Kent sent in nicely, and Battersea shot by the uprights. The home side attacked and Skinner centred, but the backs sent the leather up the field. Steptoe put in a good centre and Young conceded a corner in clearing.

Battersea ran into the goalpost in trying to head the ball and had to leave the field for a time. When he came back he was still carrying an injury, having badly hurt his leg. Venner ran the ball down and Young conceded a corner, which was sent behind. Windsor attacked and Venner put in a splendid shot, the ball hitting the crossbar.

Wilmot cleared but the ball still hovered round the goalmouth. A point looked certain, but eventually the leather was sent up the field. After some give and take play, Hiley went away, and beating Young looked like netting, but Crocker came out in the nick of time and cleared.

A few minutes had only elapsed when Venner put in a good shot which Moore tried to head through. Crocker caught the ball, and a foul was given against Moore for charging him. Shortly after Udell ran the ball down on the right and centred. Moore nicely headed the ball to Simmons, who scored a splendid goal, the ball going right into the corner of the net out of the reach of Crocker. The Windsor supporters loudly cheered Simmons and Moore for their clever play.

The home side continued to press, and Venner sent by twice in succession. Shortly after Skinner put in a good shot which Crocker saved.

Moore bundled into him, and Crocker fell, but eventually threw the leather away. Then Venner shot and Crocker just saved, although he dropped the ball. A corner was given against Slough, and Crocker just cleared.

The ball rolled almost into the net, hitting the upright and bouncing into play. Just before half time Mines got away and looked like scoring, but Rogers hustled him and the ball was sent harmlessly by.

After changing ends, Windsor and Eton attacked but A. Skinner sent very wide when close in. Leat ran down on the left and centred, but it went begging.

Windsor ran up and Udell shot, but Crocker cleared. Hiley almost got through just after. Slough transferred the ball to the other end, and Mines and Leat sent in good shots, which Young cleared cleverly.

Then Windsor went away and Crocker left his goal, but a corner only resulted. Some of those round the goal claimed a penalty for hands, but a corner kick was given. Venner took the kick, but kicked the ground and the ball only rolled a few yards.

Some midfield play took place and then Slough attacked. Wright put in a fine shot which Young saved splendidly. Then A. Skinner ran the ball up and cleverly centred. Moore eventually received the leather and sending in a swift shot, Crocker only partially saved, the ball slipping out of his hands into the net. Loud cheers greeted the second goal.

Venner was next given offside. Shortly after Hiley ran the ball up and passed to Skinner, who tipped the ball over to Moore. The latter ran through and scored a great goal, Crocker having no possible chance.

Windsor and Eton continued to press, and Hiley almost got through. Slough then had a turn but their efforts in front of goal were weak. Eventually Mines got the best of the home defence and shot out of the reach of Young, the ball hitting the side post and bouncing into the net.

The locals once more went away, and Hiley and Udell both shot by. The visitors again took the ball down, and Wright sent over the cross bar. Then Rogers headed by, but the resultant corner proved fruitless. Leat shooting over the bar.

Simmons and Moore went down, and the latter shot over. Windsor were not to be denied, and Udell ran the ball up. Skinner secured and shot. Crocker only partially saved and Hiley ran up, took the ball almost out of Crocker’s hands and scored a fine goal.

Just after, Hiley ran the ball right through the opposing defence, and sending in a splendid shot beat Crocker all ends up amid great cheering.

Despite three reverses Slough stuck to it and Holtum conceded a corner. Before the kick was taken, however, the whistle sounded time.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

W. J. Young; D. Rogers, F. Holsum; E. Udell, F. Weblin, E. Skinner; A. J. Skinner, J. Hiley, B. Moore, T. Simmons, C. Venner.


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