Slough Draw With Maidenhead

Slough Town

Slough Town

Millman (40)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Drummond (57)
These teams met at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday before a small attendance of spectators. Following the frost the turf was in a rather greasy condition.

Directly after the start Kent made a fine run from the half way line, but Gyngell cleared his shot. A run and centre by Millman enabled Palmer to get in a fast shot which passed over the top of the bar.

After this the Norfolkians pressed for a considerable time, and on one occasion Young conceded a corner. This was well put in and after a scramble in front of goal Drummond sent behind. Eventually the backs relieved the pressure and Gyngell stopped a hot shot from Palmer, who was given an opening by Millman.

A foul against Wheeler brought play into the Maidenhead territory, and for a time Slough were seen to greater advantage. Millman forced a corner. This was placed with judgment but Swain cleared. Young, however, returned a shot which struck one of the Maidenhead players and went by. The second corner was also well placed, and after several shots had been sent in and returned, Millman booted in a good one right to the centre of the net well out of the reach of Gyngell after forty minutes play.

The Norfolkians retaliated and attacked strongly, and Rackstraw shot wide. A corner conceded by Young led to a rare tussle in front of the Slough goal, but Hopkins saved well at a critical moment, and half time arrived with the homesters still leading.

Directly on the restart, Gomm made a capital run, but shot over the bar. A long pass gave Kent an opportunity, but after a smart run be allowed Swain to beat him at the finish. Gomm and Drummond were responsible for some good work on the right, and Crocker had to save from the former.

A minute later the Slough custodian fisted away with two or three opponents on him. The Norfolkians pressed and Gomm forced a corner, and from this, after several unsuccessful attempts had been made, Drummond equalised, twelve minutes from the interval.

Following this came a rare struggle but the methods adopted were not always to be commended. Once the Norfolkians forwards got through and took up a dangerous position, but Pym dropped back and made a useful clearance.

A good run was made by Kent, though Gyngell stopped his shot at the expense of a corner which was sent behind. Just after, another centre by Kent produced an exciting struggle in front of the Maidenhead citadel, during which Palmer and Gyngell came into collision, but the Slough forwards failed to get the leather between the sticks.

In another attack Wilmot had a fine chance of increasing the score had his shot been at all accurate. Towards the close the Norfolkians became very persistent, and from a centre by Gomm, Drummond shot hard. Young intervening in the nick of time and the ball was got away.

Following a run by Millman, Serls attempted to send the leather back to Gyngell but the leather went outside for a corner, which proved fruitless.

Nothing further of interest transpired and so the game ended in a draw of one goal all.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

Gygnell; Swain, Adaway; Hunter, Wheeler, Gray; Gomm, Drummond, Rackstraw, Clark, Fountain.


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