Reading Hit Slough For Four

Slough Town

Slough Town

Millman (60)
Reading Res.

Reading Res.

Wilson (11), Lawson (26), Butler (0-3), Willis (50)
In springlike weather these teams met at the Dolphin on Saturday afternoon. For the first ten minutes, the visitors had most of the play, Young and Leat effectively checking the attack of the forwards.

At the expiration of that time Day sent in a shot which Crocker saved, but the ball went out to Willis, who with a low drive placed the ball through several players into the net.

After this Slough woke up. Once Leat was cheered for a capital bit of work. Carrying the ball well down the field he sent on to Poole. The latter centred nicely and Hallsworth gave a corner, which was sent behind. Just after Steptoe put in a lovely dropping shot, which the goalkeeper caught and threw away.

On the right wing, Palmer and Wright worried Whichelow until the latter conceded a corner. This was splendidly placed by Wright, but Caulfield fisted out and Hallsworth cleared.

After an attack by Reading the home quintet went away, and Wilmot tested Cantfield with a hot shot. He sent the leather well up the field and Frame, who appeared to be offside, raced away. He finished his effort by a smart centre and Lawson added a second goal fifteen minutes from the first.

The homesters tried hard to reduce the margin and Wilmot put in a couple of excellent shots which met with no luck. Reading came again, and a ripping shot by Frame was well stopped by Crocker. The leather went out to Butler, who retuned into the net well out of the custodians reach. This made the record 3-0 in favour of Reading.

After this Slough pressed in a most determined fashion, Wright sending in some capital centres, but both Wilmot and Millman missed easy chances of scoring, and at half time, the homesters were still three goals behind.

On the restart, Slough were the first to attack, and Millman shot wide. Five minutes later, Willis headed a lovely goal for Reading, thus putting them four up.

From this point, Slough quite held their own, but the forwards did not make the most of their opportunities. Once Wilmot and Millman were responsible for some good work, but Whichelow intervened at the finish, and the effort came to nought.

Fifteen minutes from the interval, Palmer got through. The goalkeeper came out to check him and both fell to the ground. Seeing his opportunity, Millman rushed up and put the leather into the net before the Reading backs could come to the rescue.

A good run and centre by Frame made an opening for Willis. Dodging both backs, he was in the act of shooting when Young robbed him and shot outside though he nearly put the leather into his own goal.

Willis who was very energetic throughout became very dangerous a few minutes later, but Crocker picked the ball off his toe and threw out to Leat, who cleared.

Slough worked hard and Millman banged in a hot shot which Caulfield saved. Gregory and Day cantered down the wing and Steptoe conceded a corner, which was got away. Then Reading put in some splendid work and Crocker had to save several times in quick succession, Frame’s centres and Willis shots being quite a feature.

In the concluding stages, the homesters made a gallant attempt to reduce their opponents lead, and some exciting play was witnessed. The Reading defence, however, prevailed and Slough were beaten by 4 goals to 1.

Reading Res. Lineup

P. Caulfield; A. Whichelow, A. Hallsworth; G. Fulker, A. Butler, J. J. Radnage; F. Gregory, A. Day, Willis, W. Lawson, A. Frame.


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