Slough Go Out Of Cup



McDonald (10, 55), Louch (67)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Werrell (25, pen), Kent (2-1)
FA Amateur Cup
Having played a drawn game the previous week in this competition, these teams met again on Saturday at the Dolphin Ground, the visitors accepting a guarantee to exchange the venue. Both sides had made one or two alterations. H.E. Smith and J. Wright displacing L. Birtchnell and W. P. Chalk for Slough, whilst A> Green and L. A> Louch appeared for Hanwell in the place of A. Copus (goal) and G. Pearce. Louch has been assisting Portsmouth of late and came with a big reputation.

J. Dennett was unable to assist the homesters on account of the death of his brother. Hanwell were set to defend the Uxbridge road goal, and in the first minute, Wilmot put in a lovely shot from a good centre by Kent, but Green brought off a fine save. From a free kick for hands against Werrell, the Hanwell forwards got down and Louch put in a shot which Werrell had some difficulty in dealing with. Slough returned and Wright tried a long shot, which went into the side of the rigging. Ten minutes from the start, the visitors opened the scoring, McDonald doing the needful after some scrambling play in front of the Slough citadel.

This success set Hanwell going, and for a time they maintained the supremacy. Young conceded a corner, which Louch headed over, and a couple of minutes later Werrell had to save a hot one from Louch. An exciting struggle took place in front of the Hanwell goal, when Kent swung across a grand centre. Denton was standing right in, but his shot was weak, and Green just pushed the ball away. Wright banged the leather back again, but Griggs saved and danger was averted. Concerted action by the visitors front line brought play into the Slough territory, and Elliott tested Werrell with a shot, which the latter saved at the expense of a corner, and this was sent behind. The Middlesex men were now having the best of matters, and from a pass by Ledlard, Louch headed over.

A run by Denton and Wright transferred hostilities, and Anniss, being pressed, gave a corner, which Werrell put behind. A pass by Wilmot gave Kent an opening, but before he had a chance of trying his skill he was fouled by Griggs, and a penalty resulted. Werrell came out and took the kick landing the leather into the net and thus equalising after twenty five minutes play.

This had a good effect on the homesters and they played with renewed energy. A long dropping shot by Young was punched away by the custodian. Young returned and Stevens headed goal wards, but Green was too smart to be beaten. Hanwell took up the running, but Louch spoiled some excellent passing by driving wide. A fine oblique shot came from Elliott, but Werrell ran out and booted away. Some splendid passing by the Slough forwards, brought the leather up the field, and Denton and Wright engaged Annis and Golding in a struggle in the top corner. Anniss failed to clear so effectively as he should have done and Wright slipped by him and centred beautifully. Stevens missed, but Kent rushed in from a difficult angle almost on the goal line, screwed the ball round into the net.

This raised a rousing cheer from the home supporters, which was continued as the homesters repeated the attack, a trop of long shots being put in. Leat and Young broke up several well organised rushes, and once the latter gave a corner when trying to clear. This was nicely judged and Elliott, who was standing unmarked, had a glorious chance of equalising, but in a marvellous fashion, he skied the ball high over the goal. Later, Elliott sprinted down the left and was getting into dangerous proximity of Werrell, when Young intervened in the nick of time and his shot went by for a corner. This was nicely placed, but Leat ran through his oppoenents and cleared beautifully. At the opposite end Wright tried a cross shot which Griggs saved and Wilmot was also ineffective with a couple of shots.

From the re-start, Sturton made a run up the extreme right and put in a cross shot which Werell caught up and booted away with two men on him. Sturton repeated his performance a couple of minutes later and again Werrell fisted out, the leather being sent behind. Slough worked the globe down the field and the left back gave a corner. Smith met the place kick and headed to Wilmot, who shot wide. Tall kicking by the Hanwell backs enabled Louch to canter away, but his centre was headed over by McDonald. Once again the leather came down, and for a time it shuttle cocked about in front of the Hanwell goal, but all the forwards seemed afraid to shoot, and it was eventually left to Steptoe to have ago. After ten minutes play McDonald equalised with a fine shot from a pass by Louch, Werrell having no chance to save.

After this the visitors held the upper hand for a brief space. Wright cantered down the field but was fouled by Anniss, the free kick being cleared. Denton afterwards headed the ball towards the goal. The custodian was knocked off it, but Anniss stepped into the breach and cleared at a critical moment. Louch forced Leat to concede a corner, but the result was nil. From a centre by Werrell, Kent tried a lovely shot, but the goalkeeper brought off a splendid save. Slough pressed and Stevens tried an overhead shot which went wide of the target. A good run and centre by Elliot gave Louch the easiest of chances, which he missed. Another centre by Elliott was safely negotiated.

Twenty three minutes from time, a mistake by Werrell gave Hanwell the lead. A shot was put in which Werrell saved, but instrad of booting it away as he should have done, he just tipped it over the head of an opponent to Leat. The latter was quite unprepared, with the result that Louch punced upon the leather and banged it into the net.

Slough struggled gamely to get on even terms, and from a pass by Wilmot, Jent put in a fine shot. Denton was standing right in goal, but with a but of luck the goalkeeper got hold of the ball and put it out into midfield.

Wright beat Anniss in a contest and centrered. Wilmot transferred to Kent, who was in a good position, but he shot wide. Then Hanwell returned to the fray and Werrell had to give a corner. This was sent out into the field and Gooding shot over. Just after Wright tested Green with a beauty, which however the latter dealt safely with. In the last minute of the game, Sturton gave Werrell a wamr handful, but the goalkeeper came off trumps.

Nothing further transpired and the result was a win for Hanwell by three goals to two.

Hanwell Lineup

Hanwell: A. Green, F. Griggs, E. Anniss, C. Allwright, J. Mutton (c), S. Gooding, G. Sturton, L. A. Louch, J. McDonald, F. Lediard, G. Elliott.


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