Slough Draw With Hanwell

Slough Town

Slough Town

Wilmot (32, 72)


McDonald (1-1), Liddiard (84)
FA Amateur Cup
These teams met before a fair attendance at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday. Jones and Watkinson were unable to take part owing to the Third Grenadiers being in the same competition and their places were filled by Chalk and Steptoe from the reserve team.

The side was further weakened by Smith and Dennett having to cry off owing to family bereavement, and Reg Young and Lionel Birtchnell stepped into the breach.

Hanwell went down straight away from the kick off and Werrell had to deal with a shot from Pearce. The visitors had the best of matters at the start, the half back trio keeping the Slough forwards in check.

McDonald was very prominent for Hanwell, but twice Leat pulled him up. A foul relieved the pressure for Slough, but a similar infringement on the home side brought the leather back into their territory.

Once Lidiard nearly got through, but Werrell save finely, and a corner brought no result. Another foul against Annies brought temporary relief, but Hanwell quickly retrieved their position, and the left wing forced a corner. This was well directed, and Mutton tried a long shot, which Werrell cleared, and a minute later the goalkeeper dealt with a shot from Pearce.

A smart run and centre by Kent brought play into the visitors territory. Denton nicely trapped the ball, but the backs cleared.

Chalk was again fouled after centring, and as the whistle blew Denton sent the leather into the net. Young took the free kick, though his shot went wide. Following some sterling work by Annies, Hanwell attacked strongly, but the defence was equal to the occasion.

Kent raced away on the extreme left, but there was no one up to take his centre. Leat was conspicuous for two of three fine clearances, but eventually Elliot evaded the backs and let drive. Werrell just managed to turn the leather round the post, and the corner proved abortive.

A couple of fouls against Hanwell were awarded, and then Chalk go tin a fine shot which Griggs stopped and booted away. Steptoe returning the leather just over the bar. Slough were now doing a little better, and Werrell tried a shot, whilst Wilmot missed an easy chance.

Obtaining a long pass from Stevens, Chalk beat Annies in a tussle and centred nicely. Wilmot got his head to the leather and sent it in the right direction, but Copas was too quick for him. After thirty-two minutes play Slough opened the scoring. Kent ran from the centre line and centred. Wilmot and Stevens followed up and in the absence of the backs, Wilmot easily beat the custodian. This success was naturally greeted with great enthusiasm.

Slough continued to have the best of play, and several fouls were awarded against the visitors, the referee showing his disapproval of shady tactics. After a time Hanwell returned to the fray and after Werrell had cleared Lidiard lost a golden opportunity of equalising, by shooting hard across the goals mouth when in a fine position to score.

Then Hurton shot over and afterwards McDonald nearly did the trick, but Werrell managed to turn the leather round the upright. A capital centre by Kent gave the Slough forward a chance, but Denton was grassed and the backs cleared, Stevens returning the ball outside.

Shortly after Chalk received a pass from Steptoe and put in a ripping shot, the custodian saving at the expense of a corner.

On resuming, Slough boke away and Wilmot shot wide. Hanwell retaliated and Lees had to concede a corner, which Werrell eventually got out of danger. At this point Burton was injured. He was rushing after the leather to prevent it going over the line, when he slipped and hurt his back. He retired for some time but came back again later.

When the ball was restarted, McDonald missed the easiest of chances by shooting high over when right under the bar. Five minutes afterwards, however, the same player made amends by twisting the ball round Werrell into the net.

The game then became the most exciting. Denton and Wilmot forced a corner for Slough, which Chalk put to the rear. From a pass by Wilmot, Denton got through and when tackled he sent on to Stevens, who banged the leather into the net, but was given offside. In a few minutes, Wilmot tried a beauty which Annies intercepted.

Matters looked dangerous for Slough when Young was penalised just outside the dreaded area. The free kick was well placed, but Werrell cleared. A corner was got away and after an exciting tussle, Stevens, Denton and Chalk transferred play to the opposite end but a fruitless corner was the only result.

After twenty-seven minutes play, Wilmot put Slough ahead with a lovely shot, from a pass by Steptoe and this put the spectators on good terms with themselves.

The Slough goal again had a nearrow escape when McDonald and Pearce worked the ball well in, but Werrell affected one of the best stops of the day, and Young eventually cleared.

Once or twice Kent made some good runs down the right, but he was showing signs of wear and tear and his final efforts were not so effective. Hanwell strained every nerve to equalise, and six minutes from time they were successful. Liddiard obtaining a good goal.

After this it was a hard struggle, and although both goals had narrow escapes, the score remained at two all, thus necessitating a second meeting.

Hanwell Lineup

A. Copus (c); F. Griggs, E. Annies; C. Allwright, J. Mutton, S. Gooding; G. Burton, C. Pearce, J. McDonald, F. Liddiard, G. Elliott.


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