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Saturday was not an ideal day for football supporters, the return of the cold winds making it uncomfortable to stand about. Consequently the attendance at the Dolphin on Saturday, when Hounslow with the visitors, was very meagre.

Werrell won the toss and defended the Uxbridge Road goal. Hounslow only brought 10 men, and as they were late in arriving, the start was delayed for nearly half an hour.

A few minutes after the start Patterson had a fit and had to be carried of the field; after being away about 10 minutes he returned, though he was never able to do himself justice.

Play was of rather a poor order, being of a scrambling description, and towards the end there was a tendency to develop into unnecessary vigour.

Walker made a good run up the outside right for Hounslow, but Werrell saved his shot. Poole and Fountain just missed scoring at the opposite end, and Hopkins also had a go but Anderson was too quick for him.

Werrell was tested with a speedy shot by Palmer at close range. Subsequently Fountain nearly succeeded in getting through, he banged in a shot which the custodian turned along the line. Denton made a rush to reach the leather, but was fouled by Beech and a penalty kick resulted. Werrell came out to take the place kick, but he tried to cut it to fine and struck the upright. The ball rebounded into play, and Werrell pounced on it and this time shot over the horizontal stick.

After this Hounslow pressed, and young, who was playing a good game, worked the globe through a batch of players and cleared. A foul against Poole Bourton a result, and the shot was sent wide.

Half an hour the game proceeded in an uninteresting fashion, and at the end of that. Hounslow scored through Palmer, who received a good pass from Tolman, which enabled him to beat Werrell.

A pass by not enabled Denton to sail down the left, finishing up with a good centre. Fountain, however, Mr and Patterson shot wide. A corner for Slough was nicely placed by right, but was got out of danger.

A foul against Gibson on Fountain brought play back into Hounslow quarters but it ended uneffective. Two minutes from half-time Slough gained another corner, and from this, which was well judged by right, not equalised, and at the interval the score was one all.

On crossing over although Slough had to face the wind they played up in a spirited fashion for a short time. Wright made a capital run through but fell just as he was about to shoot and Fountain sent the leather outside the post a good shot from Denton was stopped by Anderson. A corner Hounslow bought no result and then the game settled down again to the scrambling order.

Once the visitors became dangerous, but Young headed away in the moment of peril. Shortly after, Wilmot made a bad move, but Werrell rectified the mistake and cleared. Tolman made a speedy run down the left, but Wilmot bustles across, and prevented him going any further by conceding a corner, which proved fruitless.

An exciting struggle in front of Hounslow's goal looked like the homesters taking the lead. Wright swung the leather across, Denton was given offside just as Fountain sent the leather into the net.

Young was badly fouled in the bottom corner, and for a time there appeared as if trouble would follow, but the breeze blew over. Fountain dashed to the centre, but Anderson ran out, and beat him. Hounslow forwards got together, and Chadwick put in a splendid shot which just skimmed the crossbar.

Fountain was fouled by Gibson for about the sixth time, and the referee found it necessary to administer a caution. Just before the close Walker was responsible for a good shot, but Werrell brought off a grand save and the game resulted in a draw of one goal each.

Hounslow Lineup

E. E. Anderson, J. W. McNaught, H. E. Gibson, C. Beech, S. Bignell, H. J. Palmer, R. Walker, A. E. Palmer, T. Chadwick, E. F. Tolman.


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