Amateurs Edge Out Slough In Senior Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Fountain (18), Wright (45)
Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Stillman (40), H. Stanley (60, 2-3)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
These teams were drawn together in the second round of the Berks and Bucks senior cup competition on Saturday.

Reading got the choice of ground, but as the chances of the gate and the biscuit town is small the amateurs were induced to come to Slough for a monetary consideration of £10. As events turned out to it was not a good speculation for owing to the climactic conditions, many people no doubt thinking the game would be abandoned, the amount taken was not much more than half of the guarantee.

The weather was most unfortunate, for the supporters were looking forward to a good game. Early on Saturday morning the fog was fairly thick, but at midday the sun broke through and gave promise of dispersing the missed. About 2 o'clock however, the district was suddenly immersed in an impenetrable fog. It floated across the Dolphin in clouds, yet despite this some of the enthusiasts paid their money in the hopes that the fog would left.

Probably the referee was of the same opinion, for he started the game at the advertised time. It seemed little less than a farce when the men took the field, funny the goalpost was visible, in fact one player could hardly see his nearest opponent, though of course the conditions were the same for each side.

To describe the playing detail would be impossible. One could only see the players as they came to the side of the field, and only occasionally either goalpost. Once now and again the fog lifted temporarily, sufficient to catch a glimpse of the thin black line on the opposite side which was probably the spectators. Then it would descend with increased thickness so that one could see only a few yards ahead. Several times only two players could be seen out of the 22, and these appeared more spectral forms than as exponents of football. Whether the game ought to have been played as a cup tie is an open question.

At the start when Slough defended the Uxbridge Road goal, the game went in favour of Reading, and Werrell saved two shots from Butler and the left wing player. Immediately after Stillman got a rebound off Wilmot, and ran through, but Werrell again brought off a fine save.

Slough, who had started with 10 men, were now joined by H. T. Smith, a late arrival and from this time they improved. Leat and Wright worked the leather down the wing but the ball was eventually sent outside.

From a freekick for a foul, Werrell cleared, and Fountain galloped away to the opposite end, passing out to Wright. The latter returned to the front of goal, but Fountain lost the chance by shooting wide.

Smith ran the ball up the Reading right, but Wilmot put it back to Werrell, who cleared, and Slough returned to the attack. From a long pass by Denton the ball was netted by one of the right wing players amidst great applause, but the whistle had previously gone for offside.

The homesters were now having by far the best of the game, and several shots were put in, but did not have the desired effect.

A sharp run by the Amateurs left-wing ended in the ball going out. Then after 18 minutes play Slough opened the scoring, Denton sped away down the left, and centred, Purrett sent the globe onto Fountain, who put the leather into the net amidst great outbursts of enthusiasm.

At this point of the game the homesters were playing grandly and were repeatedly attacking, though it was gathered later that several easy chances were missed at the bottom end. Denton was very energetic on the left and repeatedly beat Whichelow.

Reading retaliated and Werrell had to check a shot from Frame while Smith ended by stop in the next quarter of an hour both goals were visited in turn, but what took place could not be seen by the spectators, but the referee sprinted here and there and try to keep in touch with the play. Five minutes from half-time Stillman dodged both young and Wilmot, and running close in, he beat Werrell thus making the record 1-1.

However Slough took the lead again half a minute from the interval. Denton again tricked Whichelow in the left corner and centring nicely, Wright scored, thus at half-time the score stood Slough two, Amateurs one.

On resuming the fog seem to get worse, and standing on the centre line Werrell was not seen for the rest of the game. Reading attacked strongly, and the Slough goal had several narrow escapes. A splendid run through by Butler ended in a corner, which was got out of danger.

Several speedy exchanges followed, as one could judge by the shouts of the onlookers at the top and bottom ends.

After a quarter of an hour's play, H. Stanley equalise the score from a pass by Frame, and the referee would have been wise to have stopped the game now, but apparently he thought otherwise.

Slough obtained an abortive corner, and then Frame raced away, and young proved more speedy, overtaking him in time to prevent damage. A fruitless corner for the amateurs was followed by hands against Slough which looked a little dangerous, but a foul against Reading spoilt the advantage.

Although the homesters were having slightly the best of the exchanges since the scores were made a call, Reading obtained a lead through H. Stanley, and this proved the winning goal.

In the last quarter of an hour Slough made a big effort to get on equal terms, and a couple of shots from Leat deserved a better fate, but the Reading defence prevailed, and the result was a win for the visitors by three goals to two.

Reading Amateurs Lineup


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