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The National League U19 Alliance

Southall Win Against Slough In Eight Goal Thriller

Slough Town

Slough Town

Fountain (1-0, 2-3), Steptoe (3-3)


Wood (1-1), Coleshill (1-2, 1-3), Redding (3-4, 3-5)
League Unknown
These teams met in the league competition on Saturday at the Dolphin ground. Slough had the wind against them in the opening half, but despite this fact the first time they broke away Fountain got through and scored.

Five minutes later Southall equalised. The ball came down the right wing and Werrell had a shot to deal with, but before he could get it out of danger would rushed in and scored.

After this Southall had all the game for a time, Slough seeming to make no headway against the wind. Werrell made several very fine saves, but eventually Coleshill scored a second goal for the visitors.

Almost immediately from the kick off the ball was taken down the field, and Coleshill again did the needful, making the record 3-1 in favour of his side.

In the closing few minutes Slough played very hard, and Steptoe missed an open goal. Then followed a melee in front of the Southall goal. During the scramble the custodian was on the ground, but despite this the homesters failed to get the leather between the posts, and at half-time the score was still Southall three goals, Slough one.

In the second half Slough attacked strongly, and Fountain scored with a shot which hit the post and glided into the net.

A big effort was made to equalise, but in the next quarter of an hour the visitors quite held their own. The game was hardfought, and after Southall had been repulsed, Steptoe and Fountain broke away. The former put in a long shot which struck the upright, and before the goalkeeper good get to the ball it had turned inside.

With the score is equal it looked as if Slough had a good chance of winning and some exciting play followed, but a bad mistake by Wilmot Cave Southall another goal. Redding was rushing up for the leather and instead of putting it back to give Werrell a chance, Werrell only just touched it. The result was that Redding reach the ball first and banged it into the net.

Five minutes later, Redding got through in a similar way and scored again, the final result being a win for Southall by five goals to three.

Southall Lineup

W. Hodge, H. Austin, W. Kirby, J. Willis, B. Jarmey, T. Ballard, E. Cornwall, W. Coleshill, H. Redding, F. Robinson, A. Wood.


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