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Wed Apr 17

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Early Goal Enough For Windsor Win

Slough Town

Slough Town

Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Simmons (1)
League Unknown
These teams met for the first time this season, the contest being for league points. The game was played on the Dolphin ground, the gate being the largest seen there this year. Slough have lately been passing through troubled times, and their failures have caused a decline in the number of supporters.

On the other hand Windsor on the upward grade, and their recent successes have gained them a large following. They brought over a big crowd on Saturday, quite half of the spectators coming with the visiting team.

Windsor and Eton had the better of the game from start to finish, and the surprises that they did not win by more than a single goal, this being the only point obtained during the course of the 90 minutes play.

This was accounted for by the splendid display of Werrell, ably assisted by the backs. The game was fought out best of spirit, although there was a good deal about one another's left offs, this referring to the men from either town who were representing the opposite side.

In this respect, however, honours were even, for two men appeared in each team who had in the past played for the other.

The game open somewhat sensationally, for almost straight from kick-off, Windsor ran the ball up the centre of the field, and Simmons (an old Slough player who was making his first appearance for the royalists) notched a good goal, to the great delight of the visiting supporters.

For some time Windsor still held the upper hand, and a fine centre by Wilkins was headed in by Paice, but Werrell cleverly saved at the expense of a corner, which was got out of danger.

Ewins also tested the custodian with a long shot, but he saved this and several others that came directly after from different quarters. On one occasion it was a near thing when Wilkins was fouled. Werrell stop the freekick but Venner returned it. G. Cox stepping back and intercepting a shot which looked all over a scorer.

After this Slough carried the play into the Windsor quarters, but the forwards were not smart enough to cope with the opposing backs, and they quickly lost any advantage they gained.

Once Wright slung over a sharp centre and Poole made a splendid effort to equalise, but the shot skimmed the horizontal stick. Just after, Wilmot called upon Crocker to save which he did. Wilkins, who was in fine form for the borough, got in several good runs, but when hustled by Birtchnell and Young he generally got the leather too far in the corner.

Despite this, however, with valuable assistance from Skinner, his partner, he proved very troublesome and got in several good centres. With an occasional relief, Slough pressed more or less to the end, but found the defence impregnable, and at half-time the score stood Windsor and Eton one goal, Slough nil.

On restarting, Windsor again attacked, but after this Slough was seen to greater advantage, and more than held their own. Freekick against G. Cox dangerous and E. Skinner banged in a clinking low shot, but Werrell was equally alert and again frustrated the attempt.

This was followed by a fruitless corner. The next quarter of an hour's play was characterised by rushes from one into the other, though Windsor got the best of the exchanges until they reached Werrell's preserves and then they had to cry a halt.

The freekick for hands immediately outside the penalty area looked risky, but again Werrell proved too good for E. Skinner, and once again the goalkeeper was applauded by the whole field for his smartness

Slough then made a dash away and Rogers put outside to clear. Thanks Wilkins, right through from just over the halfway line and placed the ball inside the net, but he was palpably offside when starting his run and the point was disallowed.

Windsor now set up a complete bombardment of the Slough goal and Werrell twice saved miraculously.

The younger Skinner popped a well placed corner by Bragg yard wide of the upright Bragg tried a long one which went behind. The Slough goal seem to bear a charmed life, and tries they would the royalists could not penetrate the sterling and yet fortunate defence of Werrell, Young and West, the former especially seeming to have saved up one supreme effort for this great match.

Stagg broke away on the homesters left but was badly supported. Holtum returned the leather and Young was pulled up for a foul on Skinner Jr. Some tall kicking by Cox at half led up to another spasmodic attack by Slough, but the forwards could only get in a week shot at Crocker.

Windsor again attacked and a freekick against West came to nothing, ball going behind. West then tipped grand shot from Venner over the bar, the corner kick being easily cleared.

From a freekick Windsor got through, and tricky work by Wilkins left Paice and Skinner with only the goalkeeper to beat, but again Werrell emerged triumphant. Rank them by four players in place behind whilst Wilkins got well away soon after and forced a corner, which Bennett placed behind.

Slough made two dashes for Crocker's charge and both appeared dangerous, but Holtum came to the rescue, and E. Skinner finally relieved with a tall kick.

With the light fading the game was now difficult to follow; for the Reading green shirts could be just discerned swarming round Werrell citadel, he proved quite invincible, and the endgame came with Windsor and Eton victors from a remarkable game by one goal to nil.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

S. Crocker, T. Rogers, F. Holtum, D. Bragg, C. Ewins, E. Skinner, W. H. Wilkins, A. J. Skinner, A. Paice, T. Simmons, C. Venner.


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