Norfolks Win In Hospital Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Goom o.g. (5), Young (18)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Smith (12), Adams (20), Heath (2-3), Fountain (2-4)
Oxford Hosp. Cup Unknown
These teams met in the first round of the Oxford Hospital cup at the Dolphin ground on Saturday when there was a good number of spectators.

Slough defended the lower end goal and the Norfolkians were quickly attacking, Werrell saving a good shot from Drummond in the first minute. After five minutes play Fountain ran the ball up the left-wing. When he got within a dozen yards of goal, Goom dashed up from behind and deliberately banged the ball through his own goal. It was so unexpected to the goalkeeper that he made little attempt to save.

The visitors got down and again Werrell had to clear. Then Purrett beats Wayne in a tussle and ran up the field, where he centred, and Fountain shot straight, the goalkeeper clearing.

The Norfolkians attacked, and a corner was conceded. This was splendidly placed, and in the struggle Smith turned the leather between the uprights, thus equalising after 12 minutes play.

A lovely shot by Fountain was saved by Adams, and at the opposite end Werrell brought off a fine save from Heath by tipping the leather over the crossbar.

Two corners for the Norfolk's were got away, and then Fountain dashed away and the ball went out to Poole. The latter centred and Fountain shot hard onto Purrett. Young rushed up caught the rebound which he sent into goal without the least delay.

This result 18 minutes from the start put Slough spectators on good terms with themselves, but the homesters were not destined to hold the lead for long, for two minutes later Adams equalised from the free kick.

After Slough had a turn, Heath gave the visitors the lead with the fast straight shot.

Fast exchanges followed, but the Norfolk's, rather the better of these, and several times the Slough defence was sorely tried; once Wilmot nearly put through his own goal.

A fine rash was initiated by Fountain for Slough, and Poole put in a shot which came the equalising, but Adam saved well with Fountain Denton close on him.

Shortly after Denton and Poole ran the ball up the left-wing, and the former forced a corner which was got away. In a rush on the Slough goal, Drummond sent the leather high over the goal, and a couple of minutes later Gray put in a clinking shot which struck the post and rolled outside.

At half-time the score was Norfolkians three, Slough two.

From the restart the Norfolkians obtained a corner, which was got away, and then Heath put in a clinking shot which Werrell saved splendidly.

Slough pressed, and a good shot from Fountain brought a corner from the goalkeeper. This was well judged, but Fountain missed an opportunity, and the leather rolled outside.

A corner for the Norfolk's brought snow result, but their forwards returned to the attack. After a quarter of an hour's play, and Maidenhead increased their lead through the agency Drummond and Fountain.

The Norfolk's continued to hold the advantage, and after a corner had been safely negotiated, Werrell was applauded for a trio of clearances in rapid succession.

Once Fountain got away for Slough but was deliberately tripped by Adaway, the foul being so pronounced as to call forth a caution from the referee.

Play then became rather slow, both sides showing signs of fatigue, and particularly Slough. The game was chiefly carried on in the home half, and several times Werrell had to clear. However no further scoring took place, and the result was Norfolkians four goals, Slough two goals.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

Adams, Swain, Adaway, Goom, Handcock, Hunter, Griffin, Fountain, Drummond, Heath, Gray.


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