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Sat Jan 28

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The Vanarama National League South

Guards Win Over Slough

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1st Grenadier Guards
Stanley (5), Neale (2-2, 3-2), Colley (4-2)
4 - 2
Slough Town
Simmons (1-1), G. Werrell (1-2 pen)
These teams met for the first time this season at the Springfield Road enclosure, on Saturday, before a very good crowd. The guards had made one or two changes in the team which did duty for them in the previous Saturday, when Windsor and Eton beat them by 4 to 2, and Slough had the weakest team they have played this season, only one of their regular forwards being able to turn out.

The match was of a rather scrambling nature, and quite different to that seen in the previous Saturday. Slough lost one of their forwards before half-time, and played 10 men for the remainder of the game. The Grenadiers won by 4 goals to 2.

The ground was in pretty good condition, considering the heavy rainfall, and the weather kept fine. The guards won the toss and elected to kicked down the incline in the first half.

The Grenadiers got down, and shot by. The guard still attacked, but one of the forwards missed an open goal, sending the ball very wide.

In the next minute, however, smart combined attack led to Stanley kicking a good goal from close quarters, five minutes after the start.

Then Slough got up, and looked like scoring, but the backs cleared in the nick of time. The soldiers again went away, but offside spoilt their chances. Jackson shot by, and directly after, same player kicked behind from a corner kick.

The guard still attacked, and one of the forwards put in a swift shot, which Werrell saved with his left hand. A good corner kick was sent in, but Werrell punch the ball out.

Then Slough went up and should have equalised. Robinson was beaten but the outside right shot straight at Burrows, who cleared. Slough still attacked, and Burrows saved what looked like certain goals.

Then the guards went down and gained a corner which was cleared. Slough got up, but were weak in front of goal. Richardson put in a lovely long shot, which Werrell just tipped over the bar. The resultant corner came to nothing. Then Robinson put in a long shot, which Werrell saved smartly.

Slough again attacked, and Burrows saved well. A corner fell to Slough, but the ball was cleared. Richardson worked the ball down, but Jackson shot by. Slough went away on the right, at Burrows cleared the final shot soldiers got down, but shot wide.

Jackson put in a good centre directly after Werrell cleared, and Smith kicked up the ground. Slough pressed, but were slow in front of goal. Eventually, however, Simmons scored a goal for his side, the ball going into a corner of the net. Thus the scores were equalised.

Directly after, Richardson got through, and Werrell came out to meet him. The custodian got hurt in the melee, recovered after a minute or two. Slough attacked, but Burrows cleared.

Directly after Holloway was badly hurt in a charge, and had to go off the field. Werrell saved several times after, and then Slough attacked. Half-time arrived with the score 1st Grenadiers one goal, Slough one goal.

Directly after the kick-off, Slough pressed, and should have scored, having only the goalkeeper to beat, but Burrows cleared.

Then the guards attacked, and Richardson sent in a fine cross shot, which Werrell punched out. Slough got down and Jackson handled in the penalty area. Werrell took the kick and scored a clean goal.

Regards went up, but the ball was cleared. Then Slough attacked, and Burrows cleared smartly stop the Grenadiers went away on the right, and gained a corner, which was badly taken, the ball going yards behind.

The guard still pressed, and Richards had a chance but shot over the bar. Werrell saved a shot just after, and collie shot straight at the goalkeeper, who saved at the expense of a corner, which was cleared. Slough attacked but offside spoilt their chances. The guard eventually got away, and the backs being beaten, Neil scored the equalising goal from close quarters, Werrell having no chance.

The visitors went down, but Burrows cleared. Regards attacked, but Werrell saved splendidly from close quarters. Two corners fell to the soldiers, but were fruitless.

Then Slough pressed, but the ball shot high over the crossbar. The military went away, but Stanley banged the ball over the net. Give-and-take play followed, Burrows sending a nice shot from the Slough left-wing.

The visitors looked certain to score in the next minute, the ball going right across the goal, but the left-wing man just missed it and the ball went by the side post. Then the guards got up, and Neil beat Werrell from close in, thus putting the guards one up.

Slough went down and Cox should have scored, muffed the ball. Burrows saved nicely shortly after, and then the guards went up, and collie beat the backs prettily, notching a fourth goal.

Werrell was again almost beaten directly after, but he held the ball, and eventually cleared. The guards played up with dash, and almost scored on two or three occasions. Offside against the guards relieved the pressure, and Slough went away. Cox put in a good shot, but Burrows saved, and shortly after the whistle sounded time, the final score reading first Grenadier Guards four goals, Slough two goals.

1st Grenadier Guards Line up

Sgt Burrows, Pvt. Jackson, Pvt. Robinson, Cpl Jenkins, Pvt. Bailey, Pvt. Arkinstoll, Pvt. Richards, Richardson, Stanley, Neale, Colley.

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