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Sat Jul 1

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Sat Jul 1 17:30
The Vanarama National League South

Slough Hit Seven Past Hanwell

| League
Slough Town
Dawe (5, 34, 55, 5-1, 88), Wilmot (12), Poole (85)
7 - 1
Nicholls (3-1)
These teams met on the Dolphin ground on Saturday, before a small company of spectators. The visitors came minus a couple of pairs of boots, and consequently Hanwell took the field with only nine men.

Five minutes from the start, Wilmot put in a long shot from the right wing. The custodian came out to clear, but Dawe charged the keeper off and the ball rolled into the net.

Seven minutes later, during an attack on the Hanwell goal, Dawe pass the ball and after Poole had had an ineffective attempt Wilmot registered a second goal.

Then Hanwell rushed up and had a try, but the ball went over the bar. Slough took up the running, and from a neat pass, Poole ran through and put in a clinking shot which the goalkeeper saved. Dawe returned and an unproductive corner was a result.

The other two players then took to the field, and Hanwell benefited accordingly. A sharp shot from the left wing called on Werrell. He stopped the shot, but the leather would properly have gone into the net, had not Birtchnell come to the rescue, and headed out very skilfully.

Three corners for Slough brought no result. 10 minutes from the interval, Smith passed the leather to Dawe, who put in a shot which the goalkeeper made a poor attempt to save, and the ball rolled into the net.

Hanwell retaliated and loose play by the backs let in Bowen, who drove in a hard shot which Werrell hit out with his hand. Nicholls, however, caught the rebound and landed it into the net. Slough lost several opportunities after this and at half-time the score stood at 3-1.

The game at the start of the second half was very tame, and the homesters shooting was bad. After 10 minutes desultory kicking, Dawe got in a rattling shot which proves successful, and made the record 4-1.

Slough continue to press and just after Wright ran through and centred. This gave Poole, who was right in goal, the easiest of chances, which he threw away by delaying and allowing the opposing back to rob him.

Elliott made a fine run and shot, but Werrell court and with some difficulty through away. Two corners for Slough were got out of danger, and then Wright beat the back in an encounter, and centred. Dawe met and shot, but the goalkeeper fisted out. Dawe, however, followed up the ball, headed it, and fairly rushed it through the goal.

The Slough forwards had awakened up considerably, and Wright banged in some lovely centres. Then Hanwell retaliated, and for 10 minutes more than held their own, Slough appearing content to rest on their oars.

Five minutes from the finish, Poole received in midfield, and dribbled past several players very smartly and scored a fine goal.

Two minutes from the finish Dawe got through and registered another goal, and the game ended in a win for Slough by seven goals to one.

Hanwell Line up

C. Sawyer, A. Ralph, H. Crisp, H. Trull, H. Bramell, C. Dent, J. Clark, F. Nicholls, F. Bowen, T. Voss, G. Elliott.

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