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Norfolkians Stroll To Easy Win

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

A. Gyngell (10), Rackstraw (46), Wheeler (73), Emony (81)
Slough Town

Slough Town

B&B Senior Cup Attendance: 2000 Unknown
A tremendous amount of interest was displayed in the semi-final tie (Berks and Bucks senior cup) between Slough and Maidenhead Norfolkians at Windsor recreation ground on Saturday.

The day was beautifully fine, and large contingents journey from both Slough and Maidenhead to witness the encounter. There were about 2000 present, a sum of £45 4s 2d, being taken at the gate.

Both teams had done fairly well this season, but the Norfolkians were perhaps the favourites. Each club played as advertised. Slough were unable to play Dennett, who is not qualified.

The ground was in capital order considering the recent heavy rain, it having been specially looked after throughout the week by the local honorary secretary (Mr C. Barker). Mr a. E. Payne (Berks and Bucks Council) had charge of the arrangements, and was assisted by the rev. E. A. Thorn, Mr Boswell, and other members of the local committee, all the arrangements being excellently carried out.

Before play commenced the Slough town band discoursed a short programme of music. Slough was successful in the spin of the coin, and elected to kicked down the ground in the first half, towards the St Marks School goal. The Norfolkians thus had the wind and sun to face. It was noticed they were playing the famous wooden legged goalkeeper, G. Gyngell, and he gave an admirable display.

Directly the ball started, the Norfolkians ran it up on the left, but the leather was returned, and Verry shot by. Slough again got the ball but a bye only resulted. After this Maidenhead went away, and Goom got in a capital centre, but Wilmot cleared.

Slough did little pressing subsequently, but Swain got the ball away. Then Wheeler sailed away on the left, but was worried just as he was about to shoot, and the leather went wide. The Norfolkians, however, continued dangerous, and gained the first corner of the match. The ball was placed right in the mouth of goal, but West headed out of danger, the ball going behind. The second corner was cleared, but the relief was only temporary. Goom took the ball up and centred, but it was got away at the expense of a corner. This proved fruitless, but the play that followed resulted in a goal stop

Young miskicked, and Rackstraw tipped the ball to Wheeler, who in turn sent it out to Gyngell, who was all alone, and was in a beautiful position to score. He took accurate aim, and landed the ball into the net ten minutes after the start amid loud cheering from the Maidenhead supporters.

After the restart a ding dong battle was witnessed, and to fouls were given against the Norfolkians, and one against Slough. The latter played up with wonderful energy just now, and Gyngell saved splendidly four times in succession. The first shot was a clinker by Verry, who was standing close in, but the wooden legged custodian cleverly got the ball away. Then Simmons, Birtchnell, and Cox all had a try, but Gyngell was not to be beaten, and he got the ball out of danger each time amid cheers.

Slough still kept up the pressure, and Cox forced a corner, but Simmons sent behind. Then the Norfolkians raced away, but Emony's final shot went wide. Slough returned the leather, and Cox put a ball across to Wright, but the latter could not quite reach it, and it went by.

Hancock then got away, and sent the leather to the left-wing, the centre was missed. West was fouled by Goom, and from the free kick the left-wing pair received it, that offside stop Slough going any further.

Young, however, sent the leather back, and Gyngell saved from close quarters, but Simmons should have found the net. The Slough forwards were rather slow, and were frequently bustled off the ball.

Norfolkians returned to the attack, and Gyngell looked like scoring. West, however, brought him down in the penalty area, and a freekick was awarded. Swain took the kick, and shot, but offside against one of the Norfolkians players relieved the pressure.

To fouls were next given against the Maidonians, the last being just outside the penalty area. The ball was well placed from the free kick, Gyngell kicked out with his good leg. A corner next fell to Slough, and Wilmot hit the crossbar with a splendid shot. Gyngell was fairly beating, but Slough had no luck. A second corner followed, but the ball finally went wide.

The Norfolkians next to the spell of attacking, and Wheeler had a fine chance. He shot hard in the direction of the corner of the net, but Werrell saved splendidly. Hands against the Maidonians relieved the pressure on the Slough goal, but it was only temporary.

Wheeler had another good chance to net the ball, but he shot by. Simmons went away for Slough, but shot high over the crossbar. A foul against the Norfolkians letting Slough again, Gyngell saved. Slough were now playing up an excellent style and forced a corner. Then another piece of hard luck came their way. The ball was sent well out of Gyngell's reach, but on its way to the net, Swain intercepted it and banged it out with his hands. A penalty kick of course followed and everyone expected the scores to be equalised. Simmons, who rarely fails at this sort of kick, was entrusted with Slough's hopes, but he unaccountably sent the ball high over the crossbar amid considerable laughter from all parts of the ground. He had got his foot to far under the leather.

A corner followed for Slough, and the ball was hovering about the mouth of the Maidenhead goal, when the whistle went for half-time with the score is still standing Maidenhead Norfolkians one goal, Slough none.

After the band had given the tune, and the players had had their usual rest, the teams lined up again, and a surprise was awaiting the spectators. The ball had been restarted a minute only when Gyngell went down the left, and middling nicely to Rackstraw, that player took advantage of a lovely opening, and scored a fine goal amid cheers.

On the kick-off Slough went away on the left, but the backs cleared, and the Norfolkians again made an attack on their opponents citadel. Hancock put in a good centre, but Slough got the ball out of danger.

Shortly after, however, Hancock made a run, and shot over the crossbar. Then Slough had a try, and Cox was prominent, but Gyngell came out kicked the ball away. The Norfolkians took it down and gained a corner, but it proved fruitless.

The next incident was a foul on Cox by Hancock, and Slough looked like scoring. West to send the ball to Simmons, who put it over to Wright, but Gyngell was not to be beaten, and he saved twice in capital style. He eventually gave a corner, but nothing came of it, and Simmons failed to score directly after.

A foul against the Norfolk's availed Slough nothing, and in the next minute Goom had a chance, but he shot the ball into Werrell's hands, and it was cleared. The Slough custodian was called upon to save again directly after, but Hancock eventually settled matters by shooting the ball over the crossbar.

The ball went up and down the ground, but Slough gradually fell away and their play, and the Norfolkians were frequently dangerous. A foul was given against Swain, but the freekick came to nothing, and the Norfolkians were awarded a freekick. Gyngell placed the ball right into the mouth of goal, but to Slough's relief the leather was shot over the bar.

Goom had a chance directly after, but sent wide. Hancock next put in a lovely shot, but Werrell cleared at the expense of a corner which came to nothing. Rackstraw was fouled by Poole, just as he looked like getting through. Free kick resulted in nothing definite.

Slough next had a turn, Smith being prominent, but Swain took the ball of Simmons foot, when he looked like notching a point. Norfolkians was soon attacking again, and another corner came their way, but nothing resulted.

Offside against the Norfolkians having been given, the freekick did Slough little good, and Gyngell passed nicely to Goom, who made a good attempt to score, but headed just over the crossbar. Emony was now limping, and managed to get offside. From the free kick, Slough went away, and Birtchnell sent by the uprights.

Then the Norfolkians attacked resolutely, and from a good pass by Emony, Wheeler headed a splendid goal, the ball going right out of Werrell's reach into the corner of the net. This was exactly 28 minutes after the restart.

Slough an hour beaten team, and played like one. Poole went up forward, and Birtchnell dropped back into his place, but it was all to no purpose. The Maidonians were playing stronger than ever, and were all over the Slough men.

From the kick-off Gyngell put in a good centre, the ball was cleared. It was soon returned and was kicked out to Emony, who was in a good position, and with a clinking shot hit underneath the crossbar with the ball, and the leather bundled into the net out of the reach of Werrell, who tried in vain to intercept it. This was about eight minutes after the other points had been obtained.

The game was now practically over. Slough struggled to obtain a goal, but Gyngell cleared. Young put in a long shot, but the Norfolkians custodian again got the ball away. Slough having shot by, the Norfolkians board down again on the Slough citadel, and they gained a corner of Smith. From the centre Wheeler kicked high over the crossbar.

Hancock also sent by, but another corner fell to the Maidonians, and this also proved fruitless. Then Slough had a last try. Simmons and Cox putting in some good work, but Swain intercepted them, and the whistle then sounded time with the score Maidenhead Norfolkians four goals, Slough none.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

G. Gyngell, W. Swain, A. Adaway, F. Hunter, G. Hancock, W. Heath, F. Wheeler, A. Gyngell, F. Rackstraw, W. Emony, A. Goom.


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