Slough Edge Windsor By Odd Goal In Five

Slough Town

Slough Town

Bevan (16), Simmons (41 pen, 75)
Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Wilkins (39), Smith (2-2)
League Unknown
These teams met in the league competition at the Dolphin ground on Saturday before a good number of supporters, both from Windsor and Slough.

The game started quietly, two free kicks being awarded for foul tactics. The first item of note was a run by Wright from a nice part of Simmons, but there was no one up to take Wright's centre. Windsor and Eton got down on the left-wing and West stopped a rush.

The Rev. F. H. Smith made a fine run, but was well stopped by Dennett. Slough forwards then got up and Wilmot put in a lovely drive, which the goalkeeper fisted away. From a freekick against Skinner, West sent to Wright who centred nicely and Wilmot headed just the wrong side of the post.

After Windsor had run down without result, Dennett sent the ball up the field and from a pass by Wilmot, Bevan beat Holtum and scored a fine goal 16 minutes from the start. Slough continue to have the best of the game and the Windsor defence was given a lot to do.

Once Bevan had a splendid opening kicked over the ball and it was cleared. Windsor came down the right wing and for the first time Werrell was called upon to save from Liddell. Ewins returned the ball but it went wide of the mark.

Slough returned to the attack and Simmons forced a corner, which proved abortive. Cox also tried a shot, which went behind. Wilkins ran the leather down and passed the left-wing, Venner returned and Wilkins shot wide.

A foul against Wilmot brought Windsor into the home lines, and following some effective passing between Venner and Liddell, the Rev. F. H. Smith shot through the side of the net a few minutes later the same player came through at a great pace, but again Dennett beat him and sent the leather into midfield.

Venner also tried a shot but the ball rolled outside, and another from the foot Jacobs met at a similar fate. At the opposite end Cox put in a couple of shots, both of which the custodian got rid of. From a freekick for a foul by Dennett in the Slough quarters, Wilkins equalise the score 39 minutes from the start the fast low shot after the backs had stopped from several of the other forwards.

Slough, however, quickly game the lead again for straight from the kick-off the forwards went up and Bevan was badly fouled by Rogers just as he was in the act of shooting. A penalty was awarded, and from this Simmons made the record 2-1, at which it remained until half-time.

Windsor appear second half well, and Dennett stopped a well-intentioned effort by the rev. F. H. Smith, who were change places with Jacobs. The ball went out to the latter player, but his marksmanship was bad. Simmons also shot high over the bar for Slough when standing right under the bar, and an overhead shot by Bevan was cleared by Anderson.

A corner for Windsor was poorly taken by Jacobs, and Slough went down. Windsor were now playing up splendidly, and a lovely shots from rev. F. H. Smith was cleared by Werrell, whilst another from Venner went over the cross stick.

Windsor were having the best of the game at this point, and Dennett was very prominent in the defence. Once, however, Dennett missed his kick, and it proved expensive for his side, for Smith was immediately on the leather and popped it between the posts.

Slough retaliated, and following an unsuccessful corner the goalkeeper saved well. Then the homesters missed a grand chance, Wilmot, who was writing goal, sending the ball over in an uncountable manner.

Windsor took up the running again, and Venner banged over a magnificent centre which Jacobs met and drove hard for goal. Luckily for the custodian it went the wrong side of the post, for he would have had little chance of saving from the position in which Jacobs was.

Slough came down and gained a corner, which Wright placed with good judgement, but Simmons sent behind. A clinking shot by Venner checked by Birtchnell, and Jacobs also hit the side rigging.

A corner for Windsor was well taken, but headed outside. Then Slough came down and Wilmot sent the leather out to Wright. The latter centred and Simmons, who was standing close in, scored an easy goal after half an hour's play, for which, however, Windsor made a confident but unsuccessful appeal for offside.

The game then slacking down for a time, and once Wilmot lost a fine chance by kicking over the bar. A corner for Windsor was finally taken, but was got out of danger by Young. A good centre by Jacobs it Wilkins an opening, the latter got his toe under the ball and sent it over the bar. In the closing stages Windsor tried hard to equalise, but were unsuccessful, and the game ended in a win for the homesters by the odd goal out of five.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

W. Anderson, E. Rogers, F. J. Holtum, G. Cox, C. Ewins, E. Skinner, rev. F. H. Smith, T. W. Jacobs, J. Wilkins, J. Liddell, C. Venner.


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