Amateurs In Easy Win Over Slough

Slough Town

Slough Town

Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Young o.g. (43), H. Stanley (0-2), Gettins (0-3), Trinder (0-4)
Oxford Hosp. Cup Unknown
These teams met at the Dolphin ground on Saturday, for a fair attendance of spectators, to decide the tie in the Oxford Charity cup competition. The game was postponed three weeks ago, owing to Reading being unable to raise a team from sickness and other causes, and on Saturday, Slough were in somewhat the same position. However, they put the best side they could get under the circumstances, and in the first half of the game, gave the Amateurs a capital game.

Reading won the toss and Leat set the ball rolling against the breeze. From a foul against Smith, Reading got down, and Gettins shot over the bar. The visitors again got down and Werrell came out and saved, and a minute later fisted away a hot one from Dadswell.

Still pressing Reading gained a corner through Wilmot, and from this Trinder shot wide. Slough transferred play through the agency of the left-wing, and a fruitless corner resulted. Offside checked both teams. A bad miss by Young let in H. Stanley, the latter shot over when close in, much to the satisfaction of the home supporters.

Give-and-take play followed, the Amateurs getting the best of the exchanges, but long kicking was the principal feature of the game. Cox was badly fouled when getting through, Reading came down and there was an anxious moment for Slough when H. Stanley and Trinder got clean through. Werrell, however, justice time splendidly, and making straight for Stanley, took the ball off his feet, the result being an abortive corner.

Cox made a burst at the left-wing, and Wichelow conceded a corner. This was well put in, and Smith banged over a pass which right just missed. Gettins was playing a good game, and his passing in front of goal was very clean. A corner for Reading brought no result.

Slough then had a burst, and Wright put in a good centre which Wichelow intercepted. Bad miss by West, gave Frames an opportunity to shoot a close quarters, but Werrell saved. Wright forced a corner for Slough off Wichelow, but this was sent behind.

Slough were playing up well, and Denton passed across to Simmons, who in turn sent to Wright, but the latter was prevented from shooting. Two corners for Slough were got away, and then H. Stanley and Trinder had an opening. West stopped Stanley, but Trinder took the leather and shot, though he was given offside, whilst the ball went over the bar.

Two minutes before half-time, Stanley ran down and Werrell came out and both fell to the ground. Young ran down to the rescue, but his foot caught the ball in the struggle and the leather rolled into the net. The result at half-time was Amateurs one, Slough zero.

At the restart, Birtchnell checked a rush, and Trinder shot wide. Slough having a good share of the game at this point, and Leats put in a splendid shot, which the wind carried the wrong side of the post.

Reading retaliated, and Dadswell had a good tried to increase the lead. Things again looked dangerous for Slough when H. Stanley was allowed to get close to the goal. Werrell, however, coolly tricked him, and cleared his shot. Following a freekick, Wilmot put in a lovely shot, which the goalkeeper saved at the expense of a corner. Wright placed the kick nicely, and Denton headed right in, Denton saved splendidly.

Another long kick by Leats was saved at the expense of a corner. This was got away, as with the second corner. For some little time Slough were all over the Amateurs, and three shots the custodian saved, whilst Lucas once intervened.

An amusing incident occurred in front of the Slough goal, when the referee fell in a struggle, and was unable to get at his whistle to stop the game. Werrell, however, rushed in and collar the ball, and when the referee was released, he gave a goal kick.

Two corners fell to Reading, neither brought any result. A fine dribble by Gettins ended in H. Stanley heading past Werrell.

Just after a capital shot by Cox was sent out of danger by the goalkeeper. A good run by H. Stanley brought out a marvellous save from Werrell, Gettins was too quick for the goalkeeper and return the leather into the net making the record 3-0 Reading's favour.

Reading were now having much the best of the game. Once Wright had a fair opening, but shot high over the bar. West put in a clinking shot which the goalkeeper saved at the expense of a corner, and a try by right was rendered abortive.

Then Gettins came up, and Werrell ran out, and nothing the ball, Trinder bounced the ball and with a clear goal rolled the leather home.

Two corners to Slough followed, and although the second of these was splendidly taken it was got away. Nothing further scored and the game ended in a win for the Amateurs by four goals to love.

Reading Amateurs Lineup

A. Denton, A. Wichelow, W. R. Lucas, C. Stanley, G. Fulker, A. Day, R. Dadswell, H. Stanley, F. Trinder, J. H. Gettins, A. Frame.


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