Slough Record Big Win Over Staines

Slough Town

Slough Town

Simmons (9 pen, 62), C. O. Ivall (11), Wright (3-0), Denton (60, 6-0)
Staines Town

Staines Town

Unknown (6-1)
League Unknown
These teams met for the first time this season in the great Western league at the Dolphin ground on Monday before a fair attendance. Play had not been in progress 10 minutes when Simmons was tripped in the penalty area and from the place kick Simmons open the scoring.

Two minutes later C. O. Ivall added a second goal through a centre which came from the right wing. Slough continued to press and the goalkeeper had a warm time of it. Two corners were got away and then the Staines right wing made a good run beating Young, but his shot went wide.

Again Staines came and a misunderstanding between Werrell and Young nearly cost Slough goal but the ball rolled just outside the post.

Staines then infused a good deal of life into the game and had hard luck in not scoring, the ball striking the post and rebounding into play. The game at this point was very fast, the ball travelling up and down at a great rate.

Staines pressed again and the Slough goal had another narrow escape. Young nearly put through his own goal, but Werrell aided with a little luck cleared with three men right on him, and the leather was sent to less dangerous quarters.

For a time Staines had the best of the deal, the forwards being very aggressive, but the Slough defenders averted disaster. Then Slough went down and Wright beating the left back dribbled close in an scored a really good goal. Several times Staines forwards came up the shooting failed when they got close quarters. At half time Slough led by three goals to nil.

Directly after the restart Staines forced a corner which was got away, and at the other end a miss by the backs letting the Slough forwards and Cox tested the goalkeeper with a good shot which he cleared.

A good centre by right was headed outside by C. O. Ivall, and just after the goalkeeper had to concede a corner when close pressed. A minute later Denton had a fine chance the goalkeeper brought off a splendid save at the expense of a corner, which was got away, and Staines cantered away.

After a quarter of an hour's play Cox made a good run up and centred. C. O. Ivall met and sending on to Denton, the latter beat the goalkeeper. Directly after Cox, who was playing a capital game, repeated his performance, but Ivall was too slow and the ball was sent away. Two minutes had scarcely elapsed when Simmons received a pass and with a ripping shot scored goal number five.

After a lot of give-and-take play, Denton scored from a corner, making the record 6-0 in favour of Slough.

The homesters continue to have the best of the game, and Simmons put in a good shot which at the crossbar. Wright caught the rebound but the goalkeeper saved.

Just before time Staines rushed a goal through. Nothing further was scored and the game ended in a win for Slough by six goals to one.

Staines Town Lineup

A. Reid, B. Hows, A. Brian, A. Rickards, G. Boulter, A. Coates, E. Bevan, S. Cummins, T. Hatton, J. Gibbs, A. Morley.


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