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Slough Through In Cup

| FA Amateur Cup
Slough Town
Ivall (19), Carter o.g. (21), Roberts (70)
3 - 2
Maidenhead United
Worcester (30, 55)
Slough had the choice of venue in their amateur cup tie with Maidenhead on Saturday, and the match was played on the Dolphin ground in the presence of a good number of spectators, many of whom are ardent supporters of the Berks club.

The visitors went off at a rare pace, and Werrell only just saved a shot from Spindler in the first minute.

The leather was returned but this time Werrell made a safe a clearance, and Slough transferred play into the Maidonians territory. Their stay, however, was brief in the extreme, and the visitors left-wing forced a corner, which was sent behind.

Slough forwards again cantered down the field, and Roberts tried to run through, but the goalkeeper came out and spoiled his chance of scoring. Weak play by the home backs let in Pettican, who got in a beauty which Werrell managed to turn over the bar, and the consequent corner kick was sent out of danger.

Slough took up the running, and Ivall missed two chances in front of goal, right eventually settling the matter by kicking the leather well over the bar.

Maidenhead-based then slacken down, and as the result of some good work on the part of the Slough forwards the homesters opened the scoring after 19 minutes play. Denton worked the globe down the right and centred to Roberts, the latter being unable to shoot, transferred to Cox, who, in a fine effort beat Carter.

This success aroused the Slough men, and the forwards soon got to work again; only two minutes had elapsed before they put on a second goal, the goalkeeper misjudging a shot from Denton, and the leather glided of his foot into the net.

Matters seem to be going very much against Maidenhead at this point, for no sooner was the ball started than a penalty was given against them, through Cox being tripped within the penalty area. Ivall took the place kick and banged it straight at the goalkeeper, who managed to stop it and push it away amidst the applause of the Maidonian partisans.

A couple of abortive corners having been conceded to Slough, the visitors went out with renewed energy and eventually their efforts were rewarded, for after 30 minutes play Drummond made a fine sprint up the right. Worcester met his centre and promptly landed it safely between the uprights, making the record 2-1.

The next quarter of an hour witnessed a very hard tussle, each goal in turn being vigourously attacked. The defence on either side, however, prevailed, and at half-time Slough will still leading by goal.

Maidenhead repeated their performance of the opening half by getting off the market a rattling pace, and for a time they kept Slough on the defensive, Werrell distinguishing himself by two excellent clearances and short range.

At the opposite end the veteran Poole tried a long shot which the custodian safely negotiated. Play continued fast, Maidenhead were the chief aggressors, and 10 minutes from the restart, to the great delight of their supporters, they equalised the score. Spindler was responsible for a lengthy sprint and sending well over enabled Worcester to easily beat Werrell.

With the score two all came a rare tussle for supremacy, and at this point it was certainly anybody's game, the Maidenhead forwards always been dangerous when they broke away, which the excellent turn of speed often enabled them to do.

Once more Slough got going and gained a corner when Denton bowled the goalkeeper over with the leather in his hands, but this proved futile. A foul in the visitors 25 gave Slough an opening, and a rare struggling shoot from the free kick. As a result of the melee in front of goal, Ivall succeeded in netting, the point was disallowed owing to the goalkeeper being impeded within his own ground.

A minute later Ivall again netted, but at the same time the whistle sounded for a foul, which was somewhat unfortunate for the homesters. Once Cox nearly succeeded in gaining the much coveted goal. He had only the custodian between him and a certain goal, but the latter came out and effected a brilliant clearance.

Slough are now the best of the deal, and it was well for Maidenhead Carter was in good form, for his save from Ivall was really a capital feet. Then ensued an exciting moment for Slough, when Worcester beat Young and he and Pettican made for an open goal. The latter, however, spoilt the effort, and Maidenhead's chance of winning, by shooting wide when but a few yards from the citadel.

After 25 minutes play, Slough once more assumed the lead. Wright worked the ball up the field and passed to Cox, who although hustled by more got in a grand centre from the goal-line, and Roberts occupying a nice position, made the record 3-2, to the great relief and pleasure of the home spectators.

In the last quarter of an hour Maidenhead made a really grand fight of it, and several times came within an ace of equalising. Certainly in the last few minutes of the game, they had the best share of it and looks not at all unlikely to repeat the performance of Hounslow the week previous.

It wanted less than a minute to terminate the struggle, when Maidenhead gained a corner. Slough supporters looked anxiously at their watches and heaved a sigh of relief as Ivall met the freekick and sent it out of play. Maidenhead supporters urge their champions to make one last effort, but here they could not succeed, the whistle sounded cessation of hostilities, and Slough were left winners of a hard game by the odd goal.

Maidenhead United Line up

E. Carter, E. Edmonds, H. Moore, J. Murray, E. Chesterman, J. Daw, E. Spindler, P. Drummond, J. Pettican, T. Worcester, R. Durrant.


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