Uxbridge Register Easy Win Over Slough



Beach (1-0), Hartwell (2-0, 4-0), Waterfall (3-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

League Unknown
On Saturday afternoon these teams met on the Hillingdon House Park enclosure in the above competition. The day was beautifully fine, and there was a good crowd of spectators present. The game was evenly contested, and the ball travelled from goal to goal in quick style.

Hands against Gregory gave Slough a chance, but the freekick was placed behind. Uxbridge now played with much –, and waterfall and Commins showed up strongly. Three times the Slough forwards got the ball past Nunn, but on each occasion the referee applied the offside rule and half-time arrived with the score sheet a blank.

In the second half Uxbridge attacked strongly, and the visiting defence had all their work to keep them out. At the other end, Slough forced a corner off Price, but it proved abortive. The homesters were the first to score through due to from a corner.

The Slough forwards got the play into their opponents quarters, and, following a good centre by Denton, scrimmage took place, in which Nunn took a prominent place. Denbow was applauded for a pretty bit of play.

Then Commins got down again and centred well, and Hartwell netted the second goal. Waterfall next got possession, and ran right through and scored with a high shot. The visitors got away, and quickly forced Nunn to concede a corner. Following the flag kick, Waterfall and Hartwell got away, and by some fine combination ran the ball right through, and Hartwell scored the fourth goal for his side.

Uxbridge Lineup

F. E. Nunn, E. Ayres, F. Price, G. Denbow, Gregory, D. Bragg, A. Commins, W. Waterfall, A. Hartwell, R. Weedon, S. Beach.


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