Slough Hold On In Seven Goal Thriller

Oxford City

Oxford City

Tabernacle (1-2), Gardner (2-3), Unknown
Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (0-1, 0-2), Denton, Cane,
Oxford Hosp. Cup Unknown
There is no team they meet to which Slough sets up a better fight than they do against Oxford City, whom they periodically oppose, and especially in the Oxford Hospital Charity cup.

It would be a bold statement say that Slough is the best side, but yet they get the majority of wins in their engagements. Probably it is because when the players meet the City they set their hearts on winning, and they do not relinquish this idea until the end of the game. For this reason Slough are great favourites at the varsity town, and ever get a good reception.

Saturday was no exception to the rule, when the Bucks team journey to Oxford to oppose the City in the semi-final of the Hospital Charity cup, which competition has helped to raise a big sum for charitable objects.

Seeing that the City are making such a splendid fight in the amateur cup, the most sanguine of Slough supporters did not anticipate a victory, and the news of a win by four goals to 3 caused quite a surprise.

It was undoubtedly the best performance Slough had accomplished this season. There was a large attendance of spectators on the City ground to witness the contest, including a dozen or so enthusiasts who journeyed from Slough.

The City had a capital team out, which showed the respect they entertained of the visitors, and no fewer than seven of the players who succeeded in defeating the Crusaders at Reading in the Amateur Cup the previous Saturday. Smith and Vassell were absent in the attack, whilst the reserve backs were on duty.

It was the first defeat at the hands of an amateur team the City has experienced this season. The game started in rather a sensational fashion, is only a few minutes had elapsed before Slough forced a corner, and before the City could clear Ivall headed through.

Play continued mostly in the City quarters, and, although now and again the home forwards took the ball to the other end, they played in nothing like the usual form, and Slough attacking again, Keates saved a fine shot from the left at the expense of a corner, from which Ivall again headed a goal.

After this reverse the city certainly woke up somewhat, and, Davis after a fine run, sent in a clinking shot, which brought the Slough goalkeeper to his knees, and before he could clear Tabernacle dashed up and scored, and at the interval visitors led by two goals to one.

In changing ends Slough scored again, following which Gardner got through for Oxford. Play continued of a give-and-take character, although the City did most of the pressing, but Slough acted strictly on the defensive in the last 10 minutes, and finally proved successful by 4 goals to 3.

Oxford City Lineup

W. Keates, H. H. Sutton, W. G. Holliday, T. J. Horgan, E. A. Roper, T. H. Bumpus, E. G. Davis, H. Hodges, H. G. Tabernacle, G. R. W. Dickinson, W. C. Gardner.


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