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Slough had a field day on Saturday and secured another couple of easy victories in cup tie contests. At home the second 11 were quite expected to win but it Chesham the case was more than doubtful, especially when it was known that West, Wilkins, and Prior could not go.

Not even the most sanguine supporter of Slough dared to look for such a victory as 5 to 2, and Chesham must now be sorry they did not accept a guarantee and visit the Dolphin ground.

When the telegram came that Slough were leading by the only goal then obtained high hopes of victory were entertained, and there was unbounded enthusiasm when the subsequent wire arrived. It was a good game, but the visitors were always a little the superior.

It is surprising that six of the seven goals were registered in the second half, but it goes to show the glorious uncertainty of the game.

Corbett was again in brilliant form and obtains no fewer than four out of the winners five goals. This was Slough's first win away from home and the first defeat of Chesham by a Berks and Bucks club.

Slough will now have to meet Wycombe Wanderers in the divisional final of the English cup, but once more the draw has been against them, and they will have to journey to the chair makers camp.

At home the junior cup match was little more than a farce, raise pre-being no match at all for the reserves who one with ridiculous ease by 11 goals to one.

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