Corbett In Four-midable Form

Slough Town

Slough Town

Corbett (25, 3-0, 4-1, 5-1), Wright (2-0)
Abingdon Town

Abingdon Town

Payne (3-1)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
Slough were drawn against Abingdon in the first round of the Allied county's senior cup competition, and having choice of ground the game was played at the Dolphin on Saturday.

The weather left nothing to be desired though the attendance was not as large as might have been expected. West was unable to appear at back, and his place was filled in by Haskins, whilst Wright replaced Roberts in the front rank.

The homesters kicked off and were quickly in proximity of the Uxbridge Road goal. Here Corbett opened out for Denton, and the latter drove in a beauty, which the Abington goalkeeper was successful in dealing with. Having repulsed the attack the Abington front contingent galloped away, and a couple of corners fell to their share. The second of these was placed with excellent judgement, but Ivall managed to hook the leather out of danger.

The visitors pressed for some time and twice Tilly was called upon to save. After a while the Slough attack became prominent, and dodging the opposing backs Corbett passed to Wright, who shot into goal, but the point did not count as Wright was, without doubt, offside at the time.

An unproductive corner to Slough was followed by a spirited run from Prior, who banged a shot across the goal which Leader fairly missed, though Barrett came to the rescue and cleared. At the other end misunderstanding between Wilkins and Young let in Lay, who made a capital, if unsuccessful, attempt to beat Tilly.

Some good work was seen in the Slough forward rank, but it was not until after 25 minutes play that Corbett opened the scoring from a returned by Young. It was indeed a fine piece of work. He blocked the ball in his characteristic style, and before anyone knew what had happened the ball was in the net.

From this point the visitors worked very hard to equalise, and on one occasion Tilly had to deal with a deadly shot, which he sent out of play with a mighty punch. Another sprint up the right wing and centre by Prior enabled Corbett to get possession. He passed under Andrews, but Ivall took the leather of his foot before he had time to shoot.

For a brief space Abingdon assumed the aggressive, Scarrott being particularly prominent. Then the Slough forwards returned to the fray and the international put in a shot which alone was worth going to see. True the goalkeeper intervened, but it was a splendid effort.

Within two minutes B. O. tried another shot from a fine pass by Prior, but again Leader got the leather away despite the fact that Wright and Andrews were paying him marked attention.

Abingdon retaliated and Tilly cleared a smart shot from the foot of Hemmings, whilst Young also checked the onward course of a straight one. Just before half-time Corbett had a race up the field with the opposing backs, and although he beat them the goalkeeper stopped his shot, the result of the interval being Slough one goal, Abington nil.

The second half opened with an exciting incident. Scarcely had the game restarted when Corbett got through. A race between him and the two backs all down the field followed. The custodian came out to intercept the ball, but Corbett stepped aside and whilst Leader prevented him from aiming straight, he collided pretty heavily with one of his own backs in doing so.

But Slough were not to have it all their own way, and for a time Abingdon more than held their own, Tilly clearing from Lodge and Payne. Prior cantered down the homesters right and from his pass Wright registered a splendid goal.

From now Slough steadily but surely gained the upper hand, and following a corner Wright was heartily applauded for a hotshot just beneath the bar, which Leader had some difficulty in negotiating. Continuing the pressure shots were sent in by Corbett, Denton, and Young.

Two or three corners came, and from the last of the three Ivall returned to Corbett, who made the record 3-0. Straight away from the centre kick Abingdon carried the ball up the field without Slough player touching it. Haskins missed and Payne came through and registered.

It was rather a soft goal, but the visitors deserved some reward for their plucky efforts. This success seemed to inspire the visitors with new life, and they kept Slough within their own area for some five minutes then Corbett served up another electric shock. Getting away from the backs he made for the goal. Leader came out to intercept but B. O. was too nimble for him, and slipping aside he landed the leather safe in the net.

Four minutes later Corbett added a fifth goal from a position where it looked almost impossible to score. Semi darkness was now setting in, and Slough evidently were content to rest on their laurels. At all events their play was a time shaky, though Abington were not successful in getting through again, and the final score was Slough five goals, Abington one goal

Abingdon Town Lineup

T. Leader, O. Barrett, M. E. Challoner, H. Winslip, W. Hemmings, H. W. Robinson, J. Scarrott, H. A. Payne, C. Lodge, M. W. Weaving, W. F. Lay.


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