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The Vanarama National League South

Norfolkians With Big Cup Win

Slough Town

Slough Town

Corbett (5 pen)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Hancock (4), J. Harrington (10 pen), Gyngell (30), Wiggins (44)
Oxford Hosp. Cup Unknown
Quite a record crowd for this season assembled at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon, to witness the meeting of Slough and Maidenhead Norfolkians in the semi-final of the Oxford Hospital Charity cup competition.

Both sides were well represented and a good game was anticipated. The homesters won the toss and defended the Uxbridge Road goal, Moore sitting the ball in motion for the Maidonians. The turf was in excellent condition, and the weather was everything that could be desired. An unusual amount of interest was shown in the game, as evidenced by the large contingent that came up with the Riverside as.

Both teams had a hearty reception as they entered the arena, and enthusiasm reached a high pitch as the sides were lined up by Mr F. J. Finnis , of the Oxfordshire and Sussex referees Association.

At the commencement Slough forwards broke away but were easily repulsed, and the visitors took up the attack. The game was barely 4 minutes old when Gyngell put over a clinking centre from the left, and Hancock beat Werrell with a lovely low shot which landed right in the centre of the net.

This early success quite delighted the Norfolkians supporters, who took it as a good omen of success. Good work by Corbett enabled Slough to become dangerous, and for a few moments excitement ran high. The leather was sent into Wood, who was well in goal, but he got his foot to far under the sphere and guide it outside the post.

Maidenhead rushed up the field, and Ivall had to concede a corner. This was well placed, though the leather was removed from the mouth of the citadel when Young handled with the results that a penalty was allowed. This was taken by J. Harrington, who landed the ball safely in the net. Two goals within 10 minutes was splendid for the visiting crowd who cheered again and again, but it was a terrible blow for the Bucks contingent.

From the restart Slough invaded the enemy's territory, and from a shot by right, J. Harrington gave a corner. This was cleared by chromic and at the opposite end H. Harrington landed in a beauty, which caused Werrell to clear at the expense of a corner.

For some time the Berks side attacked strongly, and once Wheeler had a fine opening, only he was pulled up for offside, though Werrell smartly saved his shot. Following a brief incursion by Slough Norfolk's returned to the fray, and a fine centre came from the boot of Wiggins, which enabled Werrell to show his prowess by taking the ball from the feet of Wheeler and Gyngell.

Corbett was loudly applauded for a brilliant run in which he defeated the backs, but was beaten in turn by the goalkeeper, who came out and frustrated the Corinthians final effort.

Wiggins forced a corner of West, and this was dropped in with capital judgement. An exultant shout of goal went up from the Maidonians as a shock went flying in from Moore, until it was discovered that the leather have passed over and not under the bar.

Then Corbett had a characteristic run, and as he approached the goal there was breathless suspense. There was only Cromack between him and success, but there was no luck for Slough, the custodian just touching the leather and turning it outside for an abortive corner.

The stern defence on the part of the visitors soon saw the forwards on the aggressive, and Moore tested Werrell with a shot. The goalkeeper fisted away and Moore caused some amusement by attempting to fist back again.

Gyngell was responsible for several spanking shots from the left, one of which hit the goalpost and rebounded into play. A minute later the same player got in a tremendous straight drive, which Werrell managed to stop with some difficulty. The Maidenhead left-winger was on the alert colouring the rebound, the goalkeeper with a hotshot, putting his side 3-0 up after half an hour's play.

After this the game became more even, and once or twice Slough were within an ace of scoring. Once Woods centred down the left and middling well, Andrews had a fine chance, but kicked the globe the wrong side of the perpendicular stick. Even with such a strong lead Norfolkians did not relax their efforts in the least, and Werrell saved what appeared a certain goal from a centre by Hancock, with three men right on him.

Not to be denied the leaders quintet came again and again, and after Werrell had stopped a shot from the left, Wiggins beat him with a grand effort minutes from half-time and thus the teams crossed over with the score Norfolkians four goals, Slough nil.

On resuming, the pace slowed down considerably, for with a substantial lead the Norfolk's had no occasion to push matters. Wood was very energetic on the left, and from one of his centres Slough ought to have scored, especially with Cromack on the ground.

But it was not their day out, and not an element of luck came their way. Eventually, however, the burly Harrington brought the leather safely out of the scramble, and directed it to less dangerous quarters.

At it again went the Slough men, and Ivall tried a long shot, which Cromack dealt with without difficulty; right also essay the shot, which Cadwell nullified. Eventually Hancock romped through, but could not beat Werrell, and H. Harrington shot over the bar.

A miss by Young let in Gyngell, who immediately dropped to leather goalwards, where Moore transferred back to Wheeler, but that player got off the line of fire. Having dealt with a ripper from Wiggins, Werrell send the ball with a huge kick in the vicinity of the halfway line, and Wood nipped away and centred only to see the backs clear.

Wright, too, tried from his side, and Corbetts shot struck the upright. The homesters held the upper hand for some time, but do what they would they could not get the leather between the 8 yards mark.

A couple of corners fell to their lot, but neither proved effective, and then the Maidenhead advance guard took up the running. Five minutes from the finish, when the result appeared likely to be for-zero, Corbett – true, and J. Harrington stopped his progress by handling the leather. The penalty was the result, and from the place kick Corbett found the net for Slough.

In the remaining time the homesters worked hard, but could not reduce the margin, and the Norfolkians thus qualified to enter the final by four goals to one.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

H. Cromack, H. Cadwell, J. Harrington, A. Gomm, H. Harrington, A. Hallworth, H. Wiggins, G. Hancock, F. Moore, F. Wheeler, A. Gyngell.


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