Rebels Win At Wycombe

Wycombe Wanderers

Wycombe Wanderers

Slough Town

Slough Town

McCrohan, McCrohan
Red Cross Cup Peter West
To win at Wycombe is no mean feat, for they are the prospective champions of the Combination, but the questionable do or die tactics of the Wanderers became very irksome and we were very glad when the game ended.

West, Brown and Gorman appeared to be the special target of the home team's misplaced energy, but we were definitely superior in actual football and thoroughly deserved to win.

McCrohan had a very good game and scored both points. The first early on, was a well placed effort but Alan will always remember the second.

Five minutes from time he essayed a high centre from an acute angle, and with the defence concentrating on cutting out Gorman and Mackenzie, the ball entered the net. A

Although hurt badly twice in the second half, West gave a peerless display. Bob and Harry were a steady pair of backs who gave very little away.

Jack Gorman proved himself a dangerous center, particularly in the last twenty minutes, when we exploited his dash down the middle.

Wycombe Wanderers Lineup


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