Rebels Get Christmas Cheer

Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Clements, R. Clements, R. Clements, R. Clements


League Ron Clements
On Christmas morning we brought in Ron Clements, Ingram and Gibbons for Cox, Spibey and Termaine, this giving Gil Fussell the position of left back and he gave a very good display.

We soon established command and our scorers were R. Clements (3) and J. Clements.

The whole side played well, Tommy Jones and Ron Clements taking the eye with many clever moves. Les Brown was outstanding in the half-line, with Harry Gibbons and Roy Williams also well in form. Bob and Gil were sound backs. West did not have a lot to do in goal but fielded some hot ones in the first half. Johnny had quite a good game at centre, whilst Ingram and Fisher were dangerous on the wings.

Southall Lineup


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