Slough Edge Past Generals

Slough Town

Slough Town

Andrews (57), J. Ivall (2-0)
Chesham Generals

Chesham Generals

Taylor (75)
League Unknown
These teams met at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon, the game being witnessed by good company of spectators.

At the start of the generals were aggressive but they quickly repulsed, and a lively scene was witnessed in front of the visitors citadel. Twice in succession disaster was averted when it appeared imminent, on one occasion goalkeeper being on the ground.

Mapson tested Jones with a beauty, but he saved at the expense of a corner, and this being nicely taken Roberts headed over. From the left Denton swung in a ripping centre, J. Ivall endeavoured to convert it, but the custodian was too smart, and three times he came off trumps when the opposing forwards endeavoured to find the net.

Chesham eventually beat off the invaders, and the right wing romped away, though Taylor was given offside at the finish. He got in a fine shot and Werrell had considerable difficulty in effecting a clearance so as to be on the right side.

Twice Richards got through for the generals, and once in the leather spinning over the bar, and a second time Werrell intervened.

During a bout of pressure Wright conceded a corner which brought node definite result. From a throw in in the Slough territory Rance booted in a good shots, which Werrell fisted away. The leather was returned, and struck the crossbar, Werrell just tipping the ball away at a dangerous period.

Slough returned to the attack and Roberts and Denton tried to score but without avail. Three times within as many minutes hands were given against Chesham a few feet outside the penalty area, and at the last attempt the Slough left-wing well within an ace of registering a goal.

Then a bad mistake on the part of the Slough backs nearly brought down for. West omitted to take a kick whilst Young made a bad miss. Seeing the danger Werrell threw himself on the ball, and held onto it until he was able to push the globe around the upright, despite the somewhat overanxious attention of the Cheshamites.

The visitors continued to press and a shot by Barnes went sailing over the horizontal piece of wood. No scoring took place and at half-time marking sheet was a blank.

Early in the second half Slough gained a corner, but this was got away. Young returned and enabled J. Ivall to try conclusions with Jones. The Chesham left-wing was particularly energetic, and their efforts a corner was awarded, which was followed by second, but both proved futile.

12 minutes from the restart Slough attacked, and the leather being sent over from the right Andrews opened the scoring.

The visitors worked hard to equalise and a couple of abortive corners fell to their lot, whilst twice capital shots were sent in which rose too high.

Ten minutes later the homesters added a somewhat lucky goal. From a corner the ball was well centred and somehow between J. Ivall and the opposing back it found its way past Jones into the net.

Play now became more interesting, and Chesham went for all they were worth. A quarter of an hour from time they were rewarded. In an attack a miskick by West letting the three inside forwards, Manners made a faint as if to shoot, which drew the goalkeeper away. He then passed the globe out Taylor who was enabled to score an easy goal.

The remaining time was stubbornly contested but nothing of note occurred until a few minutes from time, when Slough had a narrow escape of being robbed of victory. The Chesham left-wing went down the field and Manners put in a clinking shot which struck the upright and rebounded into play. Fortunately Young was near goal and was able to clear before the opponents got near. The Slough forwards broke away and Roberts dashed to the front and nearly beat Jones. However this was the extent of the scoring in the final record was Slough two goals, Chesham generals one goal.

Chesham Generals Lineup

W. Jones, F. Spicer, F. Mayo, J. Reynolds, F. Dwight, F. Reynolds, C. A. Barnes, S. Taylor, W. Richardson, A. Manners, A. Rance.


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