Slough Edge Out Leyton In Dour Game



Slough Town

Slough Town

Fussell, Fussell, MacKenzie
League Jock MacKenzie
We were two up at half-time, the goal scorers being Fussell and MacKenzie

We fiddled around in the second session and before we knew what was happening the scores were level. A dour struggle ensued for the decider, and Fussell eventually obliged. There's not a lot to say about this game, it was a scratchy affair throughout.

It was nice to see Mackenzie back again, and Bricknell, Brown, Jones and Fisher weighed in with good games. Not many reputations were enhanced, in fact one or two came near being dangerously damaged. " Vanguard," in "The Star," wrote : "Slough United lasted the course better and just about deserved to win." That sums up a, poor game, but the points. came in very handy.

Leyton Lineup


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