Slough Draw With Norfolkians

Slough Town

Slough Town

Smith (60 pen)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Hancock (55)
League Unknown
These teams met in the return league encounter on the Dolphin ground, Slough, on Saturday afternoon. There was a large attendance of spectators and the ground was in excellent condition.

Slough won the toss and the visitors kicked off against the wind and slope. The homesters ran away from the initial kick, and Prior tried the goalkeeper with a hot shot. Maidenhead returned and we can shot wide. A foul against the Norfolk's was neutralised by hands on the opposite side, and then Hancock got through for the Maidonians, but Young prevented him from shooting.

A freekick for hands was taken by Poole, Gomm heading away. A foul against Hancock was followed by excellent work by West, who beat his opponent and sent the leather down the field. Maidenhead came again and the leather was sent into the net after the whistle had gone for offside.

Hancock was conspicuous for a miss, which letting his opponent of that ilk. The latter centred nicely but Wheeler shot outside.

Midfield play followed, several fouls being given on either side, for Mr Hurd kept the players well under control. Then Slough asserted themselves for a brief space, and Wright missed an opening given by Denton.

Prior also rushed in and forced a corner, which although finely judged was sent out of danger by Harrington. The Norfolk's retaliated and a misunderstanding between Young and Werrell nearly proved disastrous, Gyngell shot erratically when close in.

Play was suspended temporarily when Emony and Poole collided, the former being rendered out of combat until after the interval. A fruitless corner fell to the Maidonians, and then Prior centred down the wing and banged in a glorious shot which the custodian just pushed out and Simmons missed.

Maidenhead returned and for a space matters look dangerous, nothing came of it, and at half-time the score sheet with a blank.

With the wind more in their favour, the visitors soon demonstrated their keenness on gaining a couple of points if possible. Hancock ran down the right and middled but Gyngell could not find the bullseye.

For some time the Norfolkians held the homesters within their own territory, and once Wheeler looked bound to score. He was standing less than 2 yards from the centre of the gold's mouth, but by almost some accountable method he raised the leather high over the bar.

However, the defence could not long withstand the onslaught, and 10 minutes after the restart Hancock rushed in and beat Werrell.

For some minutes the visitors continued to hold this way. Eventually West worked the globe up and directing it towards goal. Denton obtained possession and was in the act of shooting when Gomm fouled him, and the penalty kick resulted. Smith took this, and Edwards throwing himself flat on mother Earth, thus leaving an open goal, the Slough centre forward had no difficulty in equalising 15 minutes from the restart. After this the homesters pressed for a while, which produced kicking out tactics from both of the Norfolkians backs. The attack having been repulsed, Maidenhead crossed the equatorial line and the Slough defence was put on its metal.

Once the visitors were awarded a freekick in a nice position on the right, and Harrington dropped the sphere right in the mouth of the citadel, but Werrell effected a clearance.

The leather continue to travel about in midfield, though the Norfolk's had the best of the game. Once Simmons forced a corner, and on another occasion Wright made a splendid bid for goal, but after beating his opponents the final effort lacked judgement.

Each end was visited in turn, though no further scoring took place, and the game ended in a draw of one goal each.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

R. Edwards, J. Harrington, A. Gomm, W. Emony, H. Harrington, Hallworth, H. Wiggins, Hancock, F. Wheeler, A. Gyngell, F. Slough.


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