Norfolks Win League Clash

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Gyngell (30), Hancock (90 pen)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Smith (57 pen)
League Unknown
For the second time this season these great rivals met had Maidenhead on Saturday. Apart from the fact that the game was a league one, a good deal of interest centred in the match inasmuch as Slough defeated the Norfolk's on their own soil in the cup competition of the Allied counties.

Consequently a large number of spectators assembled in Kidwell's Park, home supporters appearing pretty confident of the abilities of their favourites to wipe off the little deficit created on the last occasion.

A few enthusiasts from Slough made the journey, although Moore would probably have gone had the trains been a little more convenient.

The turf was in splendid condition and the weather was everything that could be desired. At 2. 30 when Mr Horace Walker to talk the teams together, spectators appeared rather glum as only 9 of the homesters entered the arena, which they considered to be taking too greater liberty with a side like Slough.

However, the visitors could make little headway against the 9 Maidonians and it was not until the full complement of players was completed at the Dolphin boys began to settle down.

For the first quarter of an hour the game was not of a particularly interesting character, but after the lapse of this time both elevens began to extend themselves.

Play was of a give and take description, the Slough side having rather the best of the exchange. 5 corners fell to their lot, and whilst they were well taken, the Norfolkians offered a stubborn defence, which proved equal to the occasion. Beasley cantered away, and called upon Werrell to save a stinger, which he did in a clever and businesslike manner.

Slough returned to the attack, and a freekick for hands was given, though Young placed the leather over the bar.

Once again the Norfolkians forwards took up the running and Gyngell shot over. Wiggins, too, was responsible for a nice print and centre, but Werrell came out and saved.

A few minutes later the same player repeated his performance, only this time Gyngell missed the pass and the globe rolled harmlessly outside.

Maidenhead maintained the attack, and Werrell got rid of the sphere very smartly with the player right on him. A freekick for fouling the goalkeeper took play into neutral territory, but the relief was only temporary, for Wiggins getting position cantered down the right wing, swung the leather across the mouth of goal, and Gyngell rushing up to put it safely past Werrell into the net.

This success, which came after more than half an hour's play, was hailed with delight by local spectator. From the place kick the Maidonians attacked again, until Prior made a fine run and centre, from which Simmonds nearly equalised.

The homesters returned to the fray, but the Slough men worked hard to equalise. Once Cox and Prior sailed down the field and forced a corner, which was sent behind. Try as they would neither side could gain any additional advantage, and the score at half-time stood Norfolkians 1; Slough 0.

After a brief interval hostilities were resumed in earnest. The home quintet where the first to invade their enemy's territory, and forced a corner, which was badly taken.

Beasley was conspicuous on the left, and Hancock was almost successful from 1 of his centres, but Werrell brought off a magnificent save. Then Wheeler worked his way through within a few yards of goal, but Young pounced on him, and prevented him shooting, and the globe rolled outside the upright.

Another corner fell to the lot of the Maidenhead. This was sent down the field, and Denton missing, Harrington landed in a long shot, which Werrell negotiated with by giving a second corner, and this proved abortive.

Slough now had a look in, the defence was sound, and the forwards got few real good openings. Subsequently the Norfolk's resumed the aggressive, and Murray shot over the bar, whilst both Werrell and Hancock cleared other shots.

Prior ran down the right consented to Smith. The latter was getting through nicely, when he was heavily brought down by Moore. This infringement being within the 12 yard mark, a penalty was awarded, and from this Algy easily be the custodian, and equalised 12 minutes from the restart.

A freekick for a foul throw fell to the Maidenhead's lot, but the leather went over the horizontal stick, and a similar kick for a foul against Prior brought no better luck. Slough went down, and Denton made a bold bid for honours, but Harrington checked his career.

Wiggins, on the other side, was allowed to get dangerously near the open goal, and had he not hesitated the result might have been disastrous. As it was, however, Poole rushed in and conceded a corner. This was splendidly taken but Werrell brought off a beautiful save, and the Slough men broke away, until Simmonds was given offside.

Prior gave Cox an opening, only his shot was not straight, and a second later cooks again endeavoured to give his side the lead. Play was now very fast, and the leather travelled up and down at a great rate.

Wiggins having shot wide, Slough went away and Moore gave a corner. This was placed with splendid judgement and Cox looked all over scorer, but Harrington, who was standing nearly in goal, guided the leather round the upright, and the second corner was placed out of danger.

Then the Maidenhead forwards lost a golden opportunity of taking the lead, but they dallied, and Young came to the rescue, Beasley shot going wide of the target.

Maidenhead were now pressing, and a splendid oblique shot from Beasley caused Werrell to effect a magnificent save, for which he was genuinely applauded.

Just after three of the forwards got through but Werrell threw himself on the ground and picked the leather off their feet. True the players were offside, but it did not detract from the cool and daring clearance that Georgie effected.

For a time Maidenhead maintained pressure, the Slough backs seeming unable to clear so smartly as usual. The Maidenhead shooting, however, was weak and nothing came of it. Then Slough bore down on their opponents citadel, and Young, who seemed bent on inside scoring, rushed through and forced a corner. This proved fruitless, but for some minutes the visitors kept Maidenhead pending their own quarters.

Eventually the homesters – the way, and from a long centre by Wiggins, Gyngell headed over. With only a few minutes left for play, the game now appeared likely to be a draw. Still Maidenhead strove hard, and Hancock gave a corner which was sent behind. Then as the spectators were preparing to leave the field, for there was only half a minute to go, the unexpected happened.

A corner fell to Maidenhead, and this having been taken the ball struck Smith on the arm. An appeal was made for a penalty and the referee allowed the same, though the decision was certainly open to question. However, Hancock planted the leather into the net, and Maidenhead were left winners of a hard and well fought game by two goals to one.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

A. Lawrence, J. Harrington, A. Gomm, F. Moore, W. Murray, A. Hallworth, H. Wiggins, G. Hancock, F. Wheeler, A. Gyngell, S. Beasley.


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