Slough Progress In Cup

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Beasley (1-3)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Denton (15), J. Ivall (17), A. Smith (30)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
These teams were drawn together in contest for the senior cup of the Allied counties, and the draw favouring the Norfolkians in the choice of ground. The game was played at Kidwell's Park, Maidenhead, on Saturday.

A good number of enthusiasts journeyed by special train to the neighbouring town, although they were not in time to see the kick-off. Play had been in progress about 5 minutes when the Slough contingent arrived, by which time there was a fairly good attendance.

The ground was in capital condition, but the ball was on the heavy side. In the first half of the Norfolk's was set to face the rays of the sun, which for a December afternoon was somewhat brilliant, the visitors kicking towards the goal by the entrance gates.

At the commencement play was very fast, and it was soon seen that either side meant business. Neutral exchanges characterise the opening stages, and then the Norfolk's went away, and Werrell had to stop a hotshot from Bangkok.

A corner for the homesters proved abortive, and then Slough came up and R. J. Ivall put in a splendid long shot right under the crossbar, which with the dazzling sun almost be Gibbons.

Willmot met the clearance shot just outside the post, which was greeted by shouts of goal by those who thought it was the net side of the upright.

3 time Slough more than held their own, but the Norfolk's right wing got away, and an unsuccessful corner followed. The Slough backs cleared, and some pretty passing amongst the forwards ended in Denton running through and beating the goalkeeper with an oblique shot 15 minutes from the start. The custodian attempted to clear with his foot, but the greasy ball turned into the net.

This success was hailed with enthusiasm by the Slough supporters, but it was nothing to the outburst which rang for 2 minutes later when Gerry Ivall again be Gibbons with an easy shot, making the score 2-0 in the visitors favour.

On the restarts Wheeler was cautioned by the referee for foul tactics. The state of the game was a surprise for the Norfolkians, and they went to work with a will to reduce the lead. Hancock tested Werrell with a shot, whilst Moore banged in a swift one which struck the upright and went outside.

A combined rush by the Maidenhead advance quintet proved unsuccessful, for Werrell came out and cleared splendidly. 2 minutes later there was a regular tussle in front of the Slough goal, but again Werrell exercise the greatest judgement and rescued his side by a ground clearance. The visitors came up the field and Ivall tried another long shot.

Down went the Norfolk's, and it looked doubtful whether the Slough defence could sustain such a determined onslaught, though Werrell was in great form, and with the assistance of the backs proved a match for the invaders.

Another marvellous clearance was effected before the leather was sent over the horizontal stick, whilst a corner brought no luck to the home side.

Slough returned to the attack and Denton scampered away up the left. However the ball went out of play, and after it had done so J. Harrington rushed in and drove Denton over the ropes in a most unwarrantable manner. The act did not escape the vigilance of the referee, who administered another caution for unnecessary roughness.

Despite his treatment Denton continued to show fine form, and scarcely 5 minutes had elapsed before he again beat his burly opponent, and centring enabled Algy Smith to add another goal amidst tumultuous cheering.

3 goals within half an hour – Norfolkians could hardly believe it, yet such was a fact. In the remaining quarter of an hour the home side tried very hard to score, but Werrell frustrated all their efforts. Harrington was again pulled up by the referee for foul tactics.

At half-time the score stood Slough 3 goals, Norfolkians none.

When the second half was commenced Norfolk's once got to work, as if anxious to wipe off the deficit, and several shots were sent in, which, however, were negated by Werrell.

On one occasion Moore sent in a stinger, and although 2 other forwards were on him, the custodian cleared amidst genuine applause from the spectators.

After Wright had given the first foul against his side, Maidenhead attacked strongly, and two abortive corners fell to them, the second of which was placed with judgement, only to be fisted away by Werrell.

Wiggins was given a good opening, but he shot outside. Slough paid a brief visit to the opposite end, where Denton sent behind, and then the homesters returned, and Hancock conceded a corner, which was followed by one at the other corner. This was finally placed, striking the far post, and passing into the net. A general shout from the Maidenhead supporters proved premature, for the leather had not been played on its onward flight, and hence a goalkick was the result.

Slough forwards got away, and Smith was enabled to put in a shot. A foul against Young jeopardised the visitors position until the global sent in rear of the post. At this point the boards burst, and a new one had to be requisitioned.

The Maidenhead forwards played a hard game, but the defence of Slough was equally good. A lovely centre was put in by Wiggins, but the other forwards allowed the sphere to roll harmlessly past.

Still the North expressed, and Hancock gave a fruitless corner, but a more serious matter was when Young fouled near the penalty area. A penalty was claimed, but the linesman said the boards outside. Despite this the referee awarded it, but again the goalkeeper rose to the occasion, and caught the leather that came swiftly from the foot of Harrington.

There was no chance of a rebound, for Werrell hung on to it like a leech until he was able to throw it well out of the danger amidst loud cheers.

From a free kick for foul play against Slough, the ball is well put in right under the bar. Werrell succeeded in saving it, but could not clear, and one of the Norfolk's backs rushed up and sent the globe flying over the horizontal stick.

Wright was badly fouled, for which the referee had to administer another caution. Corners fell to either side, and a couple of fowls were given against Slough. On one occasion there was a rare tussle in front of the Slough goal, but the Norfolk's luck was out and they could not score.

Once Wheeler got the leather into the net, but the whistle had previously gone for offside. It looked odds against the Norfolk scoring at all now, although Werrell made one and the only mistake, but the backs came to his rescue and cleared.

A few minutes from the finish, however, Wiggins put in a shot which the goalkeeper came out and saved, but before he could return Beasley had sent the leather into the net, and a few minutes later the whistle sounded time, with the score Slough 3 goals, Maidenhead Norfolkians 1 goal.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

E. Gibbons, J. Harrington, A. Goom, W. Emony, H. Harrington, A. Hallworth, H. Wiggins, G. Hancock, F. Moore, F. Wheeler, S. Beasley.


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