Slough Town

Slough Town

Smith (57, 70)
Oxford City

Oxford City

Thompson (87)
Oxford Hosp. Cup Unknown
These teams met in this competition on the Dolphin ground on Saturday, when there was a large attendance of spectators. The weather was fine, though later drizzling rain threatened, did not seriously inconvenience either the players or onlookers.

Oxford faced the top goal at the start and soon made tracks for it, but the attack was only momentarily, and the Slough forwards getting away Prior banged in the centre, which Wood met and hit the side of the post.

The city returned and Long was given offside just as he put in a shot which Crocker saved. Another clever run by Prior brought play into the enemy's territory, and beating the opposing back he centred, Cole shooting wide.

The homesters pressed for some time and penned Oxford in their own quarters. Then Foreshaw galloped away at the right and middle across to Jakeman, who tried conclusions with Crocker, in which the latter came off best.

At the opposite end Wood taxed Benson with the beauty, which he caught and threw away, whilst a minute later the custodian dealt in a similar way with a long dropping shot from the foot of Hancock.

Slough were going great guns, and Smith shot by, whilst sterling play by Prior resulted in a corner. This was splendidly taken by Wright and dropped right in front of the goal. There was a sharp tussle in which Ivall and Smith endeavoured to get on the ball, but eventually the leather emerged from the multitude of legs and was sent out of danger.

From a freekick Young placed the globe right in the citadel doorway, and Benson smartly twisted one of Smith's shots round the upright for a corner. This, like its predecessor, was taken with judgement, but the city backs again got this side out of a tight corner.

Then a misfortune overtook the visitors, when Hadley after 20 minutes play, twisted his knee and retired from further participation in the game.

His place was taken by long, and for the rest of the time the city only had four forwards. After this the attack of Slough was even more persistent and pronounced, but the Oxford defence was sound.

Try as they would Slough could not penetrate the last line, although Denton came near it on one occasion.

Oxford got away on the left wing and were awarded a corner which proved abortive, and Wood followed with a good run and centre, which came to nought.

Crane was conspicuous with a good run for Oxford, which ended in a fruitless corner, the place kick being sent to the rear. For a time Oxford more than held their own and a long shot by Roper passed over the horizontal stick.

Wood cantered away from the goalkick, but was fouled near the penalty line. Poole made a rather poor effort with the free kick and the same was easily cleared.

A lovely centre by Prior was turned over the bar by Algy Smith, and then Cole got through in determined fashion, but his final kick sent the globe flying over the cross stick.

After Slough had held them in check for some time Oxford broke away and Crocker made a weak attempt to get the liver clear of coal. Another corner fell to Slough, which proved unsuccessful, and the teams crossed over with the score sheet a blank.

On resuming, Slough immediately commenced to press, and Wood forced P. G. Crane to concede a corner, which, however, brought no luck. Jakeman and Thompson were energetic for the visitors, and called on Crocker to save, but they did not receive the assistance expected from their confreres.

On the other hand the Slough forwards were particularly energetic, even though they could not score. Eventually about 12 minutes from the restart, prior got in one of his sprints, and put across to Cole, who shot. The goalkeeper rather muffed the shot, and only pushed the leather away a few yards. Denton prevented him getting on the ball a second time, and Smith promptly landed it between the sticks.

The result was hailed with cheers, but a few minutes later Smith nearly added a second, whilst Wood hit the side of the net with a long shot.

Then Jakeman worked hard to get his forwards together, and A. Crane shot from the left, which Crocker saved.

Oxford now assumed the aggressive, and a long shot by P. G. Crane, a right back, had to be dealt with by Crocker. Jakeman gave A. Crane an opportunity, and the latter tried hard, the leather just skimming the bar, whilst from the opposite wing came a shot from Foreshaw, which Crocker negated.

Twenty minutes from the finish one of Prior's lightning centres was responsible for another goal. Denton just missed the past, but Wood was behind him, and tested the goalkeeper with a hard one. He cleared, but Smith caught the ball on the rebound and made the score 2-0 in favour of Slough.

Oxford tried to reduce the lead, and the leather went up and down the field at a great rate. Slough had the best of the exchanges and all the forwards had ago to increase the score, whilst Ivall also put in a hotshot.

On one occasion prior dropped inner beauty, which lodged on the roof of the rigging. Just when the game looked over and spectators were making for the gate, Thompson ran through and be Crocker with a fine effort. Three minutes later the end came with the final result Slough 2 goals, Oxford 1 goal.

Oxford City Lineup

J. R. Benson, P. G. Crane, R.Preskett, F. J. Craddock, E. A. Roper, P. Hadley, H. Foreshaw, G. Thompson, W. Jakeman, F. E. Long, A. Crane.


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