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The Vanarama National League South

Slough Ease Past Wolverton With Second Half Comeback

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Slough Town
Cole (1-1, 2-1), Prior (82)
3 - 1
Wesley (17)
These teams were drawn together in the first round of the Berks and Bucks cup competition, and Slough having the choice of ground the game took place at the Dolphin on Saturday afternoon, before a fairly good number of spectators.

Ideal climatic conditions again existed, and the turf being an excellent going order there was every promise of a good match.

Wolverton Holder capital record for this season's work, and when it was found that for varying reasons, Corbett, would, and Roberts could not take the field, some doubts were expressed as to the ability of Slough to emerge from the contest successfully, and these doubts were strengthened after the team's display in the initial stages of the game.

Prior to the arrival of the players and during the interval the Slough town band rendered selections of music on the ground.

It was some 5 minutes after the advertised starting time when W. H. Maisey, the referee, to told the teams together. Dickens, the visiting skipper defeated Smith in the getting competition as to the uppermost side of the coin after the spin, and chose to defend the Uxbridge Road end goal. Smith said the leather rolling and Wolverton forwards were early in the fray, Crocker being quickly called upon to save, which he did at the expense of a corner.

This having been safely negotiated, Prior got away on the left and centred, Smith putting in a shot which the backs checked. After Wolverton had gained a by Prior got in another smart centre and Cole ran through, but C. Brown robbed him and cleared right in front of goal.

Some give-and-take play followed, in which the visitors had decidedly the best of the exchanges. Then the Wolverton left-wing got away and Frost passed to Edwards, who transferred to Wesley, the latter obtained the opening goal 17 minutes from the start.

Wolverton continued to have the best of the play, and G. Brown and Mellish both tried shots. The Slough defence was rather weak, and Wesley banged in a beauty which struck the horizontal stick; the ball was caught on the rebound by right, sent it outside for a corner.

From the place kick Mellish sent the globe skimming over the crossbar. Slough returned to the attack, and a spanking centre by Prior was just missed by Smith, but Simmons returned the ball from the opposite wing, though the backs were instrumental in effecting a clearance.

G. Smith cantered away, and beating Young, but in a shot which was well saved by Crocker. After Simmons had essayed a run a foul was given against Wolverton, and Poole tried a long shot which struck the side of the net.

Slough endeavoured to get on even terms with the visitors, and a good shot by Cole was turned away. A few minutes later Prior booted in a swift shot which the custodian came out to save. Before he could return Prior sent the leather into the goals mouth, but 1 of the backs jumped back and fisted it out, thus averting a sure goal.

A penalty was awarded, but Draper was successful in keeping out Smith's shot. There was a keen struggle in the remaining 3 minutes but the defence on either side prevailed, and at half-time the score was Wolverton 1 goal, Slough none.

At this stage the visitors looked all over the winners, but there was a great change of front after the interval.

Simmons and Denton carried play into the enemy's quarters, and a centre from the left enabled Smith to shoot, but the sphere passed outside.

From the goal kick Frost galloped away and centering Mellish guided the leather between the post, only to be given offside.

The Dolphin boys now took up the attack in a most determined manner and Prior forced their first corner this was well placed and headed towards goal by Ivall, a second corner resulting. This also Ivall met with his cranium and headed by.

Then a smart piece of play enabled the homesters to equalise amidst universal applause. Cole received a pass from Ivall, and wriggling through in a skilful manner, he beat the goalkeeper with a swift low shot.

This seemed to inspire Slough with confidence and they went into the fray with renewed vigour. Denton made good ground and passed to Smith who tested Draper with a hot one, which the latter turned round the post.

The Slough forwards were now having the lion share of the game. Simmons forced a corner, which was nicely dropped in by Paul and after a brief struggle in front of the Wolverton goal, Cole was successful in giving his side the lead., A result which was hailed with the greatest enthusiasm on the part of the home supporters.

A little later Denton was a trifle unlucky in not scoring, as after beating the back and tempting the goalkeeper out, his final shot hits the upright and turned outside.

Wolverton had apparently lost all the dash which characterised their play in the opening stages, and the defence was greatly troubled by the invaders, Denton, Cole and Young trying shots.

After an abortive corner, the ball past a Simmons, but the goalkeeper was on alert to receive the latter's shot.

Then Wolverton exerted themselves to obtain a second goal, but 8 minutes from time Slough practically put the issue beyond doubt when Prior registered the third goal from a pass by Simmons.

In the last 2 minutes some exciting play was seen in front of the Slough goal and Wolverton came near scoring from a corner. Young and Crocker however averted disaster and the final score was Slough 3 goals, Wolverton 1 goal.

Wolverton Line up

A. Draper, H. Savage, R. Hill, C. Brown, D. Dickens, W. Jones, G. G. Brown, J. Mellish, A. J. Wesley, G. Edwards, G. Frost.


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