Maidonians Through In Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Edwards o.g. (18)
Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

R. Durrant (5), Unknown (2-1)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
On Saturday, Slough paid a visit to Maidenhead, in order to meet the homesters in the amateur cup tie. The match created a good deal of interest at Slough, and after the display of the team the previous week, the supporters were pretty confident of their ability to hold their own against the Maidonians.

Consequently a large following accompany the team to the riverside town, and helped to make a respectable gate. Time was when the matches on the Maidenhead ground attracted quite large crowds, but that has passed into history and the attendances now are usually very meagre.

From the crude arrangements made on Saturday it looked as if the executive did not anticipate a large number of spectators, for the entrance gate was not opened until some 10 or 15 minutes before the advertised hour of starting. By this time several hundred people had collected in the roadway. Then one solitary individual was dispatched outside with a roll of tickets. He was immediately besieged and quite a tussle ensued to gain admission to the field, all of which might have been avoided with a little skilful management.

The afternoon turned out beautifully fine, although a stiff breeze interfered with play. The Maidenhead skipper having won the toss, said his side to attack the railway goal, and Smith kicked off the Slough in face of the wind.

From the initial kick the home forwards raced down the arena and gained a corner, which was got away.

Returning to the attack Drummond banged in a cross shot, this looked like finding the net, but to make double sure Spindler pounced on the leather and steered it between the post. This was unfortunate for his side, that player being ruled offside. A shout went up from the Maidenhead supporters at the prospect of being a goal up within 2 minutes of the start, but then delight was turned to regret when they saw the ball placed within the goalline.

Nothing daunted Maidenhead attacked in a vigourous manner, which surprised not only the visitors of their own supporters as well. Crocker jeopardised his by running out, but Young came to the rescue and cleared.

Keeping up the pressure Alf Walton tried a long shot, which Crocker fisted away. Subsequently a corner fell to Maidenhead. It was splendidly replaced by M. Walton, and R. Durrant sent the globe spinning into the net putting his side one up after exactly 5 minutes play.

Slough endeavoured to retaliate, but the Maidenhead backs always seemed capable of dealing with the opposing forwards. After the home forwards had had a term, Spindler being given offside, the visitors returned, and Woods centred. Edwards came out clear, but Cole was first on, although Durrant prevented him shooting straight, the sphere gliding off that player for a corner. This proved of no avail, and Maidenhead's forwards raced away.

Moore put in a hotshot which Poole saved, and Hunter then shot over the bar. A freekick in the visitors quarters looked dangerous, and so it would have been had not Young rectified a mistake by Crock, who misjudged the flight of the leather. The ball was returned a second time and this time Crocker pushed it round the corner.

The corner kick was taken with judgement, but the effort was negated by Crocker being fouled in his endeavour to clear.

A pretty run by Wood brought Slough into close proximity to the home citadel. Passing to Cole, that player transferred to Denton, who shot wide

The Maidenhead forwards were very energetic, though their chances were often spoilt by Durrant being offside.

From a freekick through Denton being fouled Corbett gave Smith a nice pass, and Edwards in clearing conceded a corner.

Wright took the kick and planted the globe right in the mouth of goal, and Edwards in fisting away had the misfortune to turn it into his own net, thus putting Slough on equal terms 18 minutes from the start.

Maidenhead again became aggressive, and the right wing getting near, Murray tested Crocker with a shot which resulted in a corner. This dropped in front of the horizontal stick, but the leather had gone over the line in its onward flight.

Slough, in turn, attacked, and from a pass by Cole, Wood put in a magnificent shot, which Edwards tipped over the bar.

From the corner the letter was sent into midfield, and Young returned it behind the goal. Following a neat piece of footwork between Corbett and Smith, the latter sent the ball spinning outside the post.

Maidenhead pressed with great determination, and the backs and goalkeeper were kept busy, the only result being a couple of abortive corners.

The game continued to be very fast, both sides alternately attacking, they Maidenhead where having decidedly the best of the deal, several corners falling to their lot.

From a rush up Corbett looked like scoring, but Durrant robbed him before his final kick. At the opposite side Maidenhead forwards were particularly energetic, and a dozen times were on the verge of scoring, but the Slough defence was fairly sound, and at half-time the result was still Slough one goal, Maidenhead one goal.

After 10 minutes interval, the teams resumed operations. With the wind in their favour it was generally anticipated that Slough would be seen to advantage.

They soon got to work, and Cole and Wood both tried shots, but Maidenhead retaliated and quickly gave their opponents to understand that they had not yet finished.

Murray having unsuccessfully tried to beat Crocker, 2 corners were awarded the homesters, neither of which brought any result.

From a free kick for a foul, A. Walton sent the leather behind. Slough took up the running, and Wood, Smith, and Corbett all tried shots without result. The latter player was due keenly watched to be allowed to do much damage, and whenever he got the ball the backs were on him to prevent him shooting.

After Slough had tried a corner without avail, Maidenhead raced up the field at top speed and Edmunds shot. Twice Ivall relieved the pressure, and Wood got possession only to be given offside.

For a couple of minutes the contest was hotly carried on in the visitors territory, as from a corner a tussle ensued in which Edmunds and Drummond both tried to lower the Slough colours.

Then the Bucks men galloped away. Denton gave Smith a good opening which he failed to accept, and in a scramble Edwards had to save from Wood. From off Corbett's toes Smith received a pass and shot hard at the goalkeeper, but the latter was all there.

Play was once more transferred to the opposite end and Durrant and Edmonds both shot, the only result being 1 of the many corners that failed to Maidenhead slot.

A pretty piece of play by Corbett promised to be effective, but M. Walton upset him before he could shoot.

Both sides were struggling hard for the odd goal and just as the spectators were calculating on a draw, came a change. Durrant ran up the left wing and dropped in a smart shot. Crocker ran out and caught the leather, but fell. Before he could regain his footing the opposing forwards rushed up and after a tussle the ball somehow got into the net.

Needless to say, the success was hailed with tremendous applause from the Maidonian spectator. With about 10 minutes left for play, Slough put forward the best effort they had yet made, but it was too late.

On one occasion there was a rare scramble in front of the Maidenhead goal. Edward saved a grand shot from right, and a moment later Cole had an opportunity to equalise, but he shot over the bar.

In the last few minutes Maidenhead pressed, and on one occasion Drummond said the globe flying between the sticks just as the whistle sounded offside. However, neither side were able to add to the score and the homesters were credited with a deserved victory, Maidenhead 2 goals, Slough 1 goal.

Maidenhead United Lineup

R. Edwards, A. Walton, N. Durrant, M. Walton, H. Moore, F. Hunter, E. Edmonds, J. Murray, P. Drummond, E. Spindler, R. Durrant.


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