Amateurs Progress In Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Smith (10, 37)
Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Lunn (55), Stapley (65, 80, 87)
FA Cup Unknown
In summer like whether these teams met at the Dolphin ground on Saturday, Slough having been fortunate in the draw. The conditions where everything that could be desired, and although there was a fair attendance, it was nothing like the gates in the palmy days of the Dolphin players.

Slough had made a couple of changes from the previous week, Cole and J. Ivall being included in the team. Punctually at 4 o'clock the Amateurs turned out, and were greeted with a cheer.

Stiles, the Reading skipper, won the toss, and set the homesters to defend the top goal. From the kick-off Slough went down the field, and Davies cleared.

The locals returned to the attack, and got near the goal when West came out and booted away. Stiles transferred the leather to less dangerous quarters, from which frame romped away, and Stanley getting in rear of Young, shot over the bar.

A foul temporarily checked Reading, though the right wing came away again, Stapley being pulled up for offside, an offence he repeated a minute later.

Davies relieved for the Amateurs, whilst Slough did ditto for his side, Stapley missing a good opening by an indifferent shot.

Slough forwards raced away until checked by Smith being ruled offside, and the visitors advance quintet came up in a line, but one of the backs being well up, the invaders got offside.

Slough took up the pressure, and following smart work by Cole, Denton shot and West fisted away. Smith met the return and planted the leather into the net amidst thunderous applause, 10 minutes from the start.

Reading made a big effort to equalise and Stapley was responsible for a brilliant shot, which Werrell fisted out and Thomas cleared. A freekick was awarded to Reading for a foul, though the globe was sent behind the uprights.

A second foul for a similar infringement brought no success, Page sending the leather well wide of the goal. Stapley, who was very energetic, beat Young and drove in a hard shot, but Werrell was equal to the occasion and prevented the leather finding its way inside the net.

Exchanges were now fast and furious, and during one of the rushes Stapley was momentarily put out of action. Smith dribble through in quite his old style, and passed to Denton, who placed the ball wide of the sticks.

Reading retaliated, Lunn sprinting up the field and getting in a hard drive. Werrell was equal to the occasion and stopping the sphere dead, pushed it round the upright, thus giving Reading their first corner. The place kick was well judged, but page banged to the ball over the horizontal stick.

After Slough had had a brief turn at attacking, during which J. Ivall was given offside, Reading returned to the fray. Dad is well made an effort to equalise, Poole interposing his shot which went over the corner line, freekick being planted in rear of the target. Hands against Reading brought play back into their territory, and Morris sent behind.

A miskick by Stiles letting Denton, but with an open goal he shot high over the bar. Reading changed the venue of hostilities through a run by frame who centred, and Stapley headed by.

Then Wright got away and beating the backs in a struggle, Pastor Smith, who registered an easy goal, the goalkeeper making little attempt to save. Two goals in 37 minutes looked healthy for Slough, who were playing a much better game than in the previous week.

This reverse had the effect of putting the amateurs on their merits, and frame put in a clinking shot which Werrell court and threw away. Cole was badly fouled by Stiles and this brought them within close proximity of the visitors citadel, the ball rolling harmlessly outside.

Just before the interval Redding obtained a third corner which was sent behind, and the whistle sounded for half-time and the score stood Slough 2, Amateurs 0.

On the resumption the Amateurs went away at a great pace, and Slough were quickly in a tight corner, though Werrell threw away when hard pressed. Stapley, who had now gone centre, obtained possession and headed over.

Cole and Denton were conspicuous for some pretty work, until the latter kicked behind.

A mistake on the part of Young opened the scoring for Reading. He ran the ball well up amongst the forwards, and before he could return to his right position Lunn got hold of the ball and went cantering away at a good speed. With no one to check him he ran straight into the goals mouth, giving Werrell no earthly chance to save, and sent the leather flying into the net 10 minutes from the restart.

Slough was still game, and J. Ivall put in a good run and shot, the leather passing just outside the perpendicular post. A minute later Smith was responsible for a lovely shot, which brought West to his knees before he threw away.

Play for a time was very exciting and in a melee Slough gained their first corner. This was splendidly judged, but J. Ivall's citing shot was bad. Smith again tried to slip through, only to find West in the way, of Denton, in his anxiety to get the leather between the posts, used not only his head but his hands as well.

The homesters was certainly having the best of matters at this point, R. J. Ivall being very energetic centre half. Once he dribbled by half a dozen players and sent to Denton, who was neatly grassed right in the goals mouth.

A second corner brought no results to Slough, for the amateur forwards went away with a rush. There was no stopping Stapley, who broke clean away and registered the equalising goal 20 minutes after the restart.

This seemed to have a depressing effect on the home players, and from this time to the end there was only one side in it, and that was not Slough.

As the homesters went off, Reading came on and the play of the forwards in the last 20 minutes was brilliant in the extreme. Once Stapley put in a stinging shot from a most difficult angle, the leather striking the crossbar and rebounding interplay, whilst Dadswell also tried Werrell's capabilities.

Slough went up and Wright put in a shot, but they could not keep up the attack for any time, and their only hope lay in playing the defensive.

10 minutes from time all hopes of a draw were dispelled, full frame sprinted and passing to Stapley, that player put in a shot which Werrell let pass through his legs.

Just before the finish there was an exciting moment and Slough appear to have a chance of equalising. The ball was sent well forward and it was a race between Wright and the goalkeeper. Despite his adipose condition however West was nimble enough to be first on the ball, and he sent it out of danger.

3 minutes from time Stapley again got beyond Young, and finished a fine sprint by nudging a fourth goal and the game ended Slough 2, Reading 4.

Reading Amateurs Lineup

C. West, S. Davis, H. G. Stiles, H. L. Talbot, G. Page, C. Stanley, H. Stapley, E. Dadswell, H. Stanley, A. Frame, J. Lunn.


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