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Sat Jul 1

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Sat Jul 1 17:30
The Vanarama National League South

Chesham Beat Holders

| B&B Senior Cup
Chesham United
Keen (3), Fisher o.g. (2-1)
2 - 1
Slough Town
A. Smith (1-1)
After holding the Allied county's chief trophy for one year, Slough was vanquished through execrable play on Saturday, at High Wycombe. Chesham town, a team which, in the early part of the season were defeated, at the Dolphin ground, by eight goals to three.

Chesham have apparently come on or Slough have decidedly gone off and they show on Saturday caused great disappointment to their supporters. Going down in the train, judging by the conversation, it was not merely a question of Slough winning, because that was considered the greatest certainty, but the real question in the minds of the team's followers was by how many goals with the South Bucks team win.

Thus, once again in history, overconfidence brought about a huge fall. Slough were fully represented, C. D. Fisher coming in and W. Crane taking the place of G. Werrell, whose knee was weak, in goal. There were about 1000 people present – and here we would congratulate the Wycombe authorities on the fine grandstand which has been erected on the Loakes ground, the gate receipts amounting to £27 3s 6d.

Slough won the toss and kicked towards the town, having a strong wind at their backs. At the commencement, Young made a miskick and Jacques, getting the ball, centred beautifully, but Walker kicked out.

Smith then got through, but he was pulled up by Hodgkinson, who again placed the ball up the field. Young again made a mistake and keen, having the goal at his mercy shot a goal, within three minutes of the start.

The success put new life into the Chesham men. Hands in the centre of the field gave Young an opportunity to retrieve his previous mistake, and he sent in a beauty which Wallington had to fist out of goal.

Both Smith and Denton try to equalise, and then Fisher dropped in a nice long shot. After Jacques had had a try to improve matters for his side Gooderson, who was putting plenty of dash into his play, ran down and passed to right, and the latter centred, but the Slough centre could not quite get to the ball.

A corner to Slough resulted in the ball hitting the bar. Immediately afterwards Smith equalised with a magnificent shot which gave Wallington no chance. This

Immediately after restarting Fisher nearly scored a second goal, along shot just hitting the bar. Slough, helped by the wind, pressed hard, Poole tried a shot but the goalkeeper kicked out.

Denton got the return and banged in a beauty which was going into the net, but Wright gave it a finishing touch but was obviously offside, and Slough was thus deprived of a goal.

The Chesham goalkeeper was kept busy. Gooderson got through and should have scored, but he overran the ball. The game was slow. After a fruitless corner Jacques ran up, and there was a battle royal between the Chesham outside left and Reg Young, but the former fell on the line and the ball went out.

Again the ball was brought into the Chesham line, and Smith had an open goal, but he made a bad mistake. At half-time the score was: Chesham town one goal, Slough one goal.

In the second half Fisher wisely went full back in place of young, who went half. The Chesham men at the outset were at once on the Slough goal, and the centre from Jacques missed a nice opening.

Crane kept goal well saved once or twice in good style, although he seemed to experience a difficulty in clearing neatly. A good piece of combination by Denton and Poole transferred hostilities to the Chesham territory, but the relief was only temporary, Goodger came down on the right. Fisher stopped him, and then the Chesham forwards, who were smarter on the ball than the Slough men, got away, but Goodger sent out.

The ball was taken up and down the field, and Ivall endeavoured to put his side ahead, but his kicking was wild. A corner fell to Slough, which was nicely taken, Denton spoiled an opportunity to score by getting offside.

The Cheshamites rushed down and Crane was called upon. He saved well, but the ball rebounded off Fisher into the Slough net and put Chesham one up. Fisher appealed offside against the Chesham player who shot but this was not allowed.

On restarting, leaders rushed down and Walker made a mistake. Subsequently Gooderson had a splendid chance to equalise, but his attempt was of the feeblest kind.

Smith afterwards sent in a beauty, which Wallington saved at the expense of a corner. The Chesham men were now having much the best of matters. They were smarter on the ball, whereas Slough were playing poor football, this remark especially applying to the halfbacks, who were all poor.

Summersby seemed to be having a game entirely on his own, and it was difficult to know whether or not he was partner to Walker. He certainly played in the position of fullback and left, Chesham is right going free to do as he liked.

There was little more of interest in this play, Slough being palpably done, through lack of training and Chesham obtained a somewhat lucky win by two goals to one.

Chesham United Line up

F. Wallington, F. Hayes, A. West. F. J. Spratley, H. Hodkinson, W. Mayo, F. Goodger, W. Humphrey, W. Hawkes, P. Keen, G. H. Jacques.

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