Norfolks Stroll To Easy Win

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Wheeler (1-1, 4-1), Emony (28), Moore (45), Wiggins (5-1, 6-1)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Gooderson (5)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
The tie between the above teams, who drew at the Dolphin ground the previous week, took place at Kidwell's Park, Maidenhead, on Saturday last.

In the English cup earlier this season Slough vanquished the Norfolkians to the tune of four goals to one, and consequently there was a sanguine feeling on the part of the clientele of the visitors on the present occasion.

Such confidence was entirely misplaced as Slough were completely routed. It was a keen disappointment to those who journey to Maidenhead see the holders of the Berks and Bucks senior cup give so indifferent a display.

It is quite patents that Slough will have to come on considerably if they are to lift the senior trophy of the Allied counties this year.

There was an excellent attendance and both teams were at full strength. The home side, started two men short. The Norfolk's won the toss and the ball set rolling by Smith 2.19.

There was no advantage gained in being successful with the spin of the coin. The homesters went off with rare dash and forced Young to concede a corner. The kick was beautifully taken in the splendid opening presented itself. The shot however was a soft one. Gooderson and Smith rush down and pass to Denton, who sent in a nice shot which nearly scored, the goalkeeper just managing to keep it out.

Even then Slough had a good chance, but they were slow to take advantage of the opportunity, and the ball was safely got away. The game is very fast. Miller dribbled up, and the Maidenhead men were again causing Slough some anxiety.

Shop assenting, and Crocker muffed the ball badly, and nearly let it in. Immediately afterwards he was again called upon and cleared. Smith got the ball, and dribbled through the backs. The Slough centre was then fouled by Moore. From the free kick the ball was sent into the home goal. Jones headed it out of goal, but Gooderson got the return, and shot a beautiful goal five minutes after the commencement.

The absentees from the home side now arrived. In restarting Crocker saved a fine shot, and then some pretty combination was displayed by the visiting front rank, Poole finishing up nice bout of passing with a splendid effort to penetrate the goal. The home custodian just managed to reach the ball and gave a corner.

From the corner kick the Norfolkians pounced on the globe and play was quickly transferred to the visitors territory. Crocker at a critical moment saved, and kicked into touch near the goal-line.

Walker played well at a dangerous period, try how they would Slough could not fit any space of time check the Maidenhead men. Emony put in a hotshot, which was satisfactorily dealt with by the Slough custodians. Slough were hard pressed, and a foul brought much needed relief.

It was only temporary, as the Maidenhead right wing got the ball and raced up the field. Young stop them, but accidentally found one of the players. The ball was sent well in front of the goal and from a melee Wright got the ball and passed to Goodison, who was offside.

Harrington was then conspicuous for a good attempt, but Padwick gave a corner. Denton, on the left wing, was making tracks for the home citadel when he was badly fouled by Goom. As a result of some give-and-take play, Smith gained possession and passed over to the right to Wright, who made a beautiful run, fairly beating the home defence, and finished up with a clinking shot which fell just a little short.

After this, play was again carried into the Slough quarters and Crocker was called upon to negotiate a shot from Emony, which was done at the expense of a corner. Play centred uncomfortably about the visitors 25. Wiggins received a fine pass from Wheeler, but a fine opening to equalise was lost by the latter player infringing the offside rule.

Again, Smith and Gooderson put in a pretty piece of play and transferred to Denton, who was dispossessed by the home backs, who kicked out.

Ivall tried a long shot, but his aim was erratic and only a goal kick resulted. The Norfolk's were soon busy once more bombarding the Slough citadel, and Crocker not clearing properly, Wheeler equalised the scores, much to the jubilation of the Maidenhead supporters.

In continuing the game, Maidenhead still had the better of the argument, they were smarter on the ball and they were helped by several of the Slough players performing much below the usual form. Young was very weak at back, and more than once let the forwards through.

Fowls were given against the homesters and this relieved a good deal, 28 minutes after the start Wiggins ran up close to the goal-line and centred beautifully, and Emony headed a second goal.

Again the ball was set rolling, but it became evident that on this day, at all events, the homesters were the superior side. They were again causing the supporters of Slough some anxiety. Crocker fell on the ball and gave a corner, but nothing resulted.

Summersby was fouled, and Wright dribbled down and made a good effort to improve matters, but was not successful. The Maidenhead attack and came away with some nice dashing play, but Summersby ran up and got the ball at a critical moment.

Another abortive corner was conceded the Norfolkians, and then right, speedy winger, made a grand rundown and centred magnificently across the goal, but none of his forwards were up to put the finishing touch on.

Denton forced Harrington to give a corner, and the ball hovered about the Maidenhead goal and Slough looked like scoring. They could not get through the determined defence of the wearers of the red-and-white hooped jerseys, Harrington was properly pulled up for trying to hack Denton, and another corner was conceded.

Gutteridge received the full force of the free kick on his head or the back of his neck, and he looked like being placed out of combat for the remainder of the day, but he soon got quite well, and the Norfolkians again assuming the aggressive, Harrington shot. Crocker saved, but failed to clear and dropped the ball. Moore rushed in before Crocker could recover himself and scored a third goal. Directly afterwards half-time arrived with the score Maidenhead Norfolkians three goals, Slough one goal.

On resuming the Norfolkians went off with a rush and Emony spoiled what looked like a good opening by a wild shot. Crocker was kept busy in saved capital shot from Miller.

A foul was given against Padwick in a dangerous quarter, but nothing came of it. To use the sporting, if somewhat vulgar term, Maidenhead were all over Slough.

Smith and Poole got away, but were finally called up by Harrington. From a foul on Padwick a corner fell to Slough, from the kick the Norfolkians rushed down. Young fell at the crucial moment, and the globe was swiftly taken down the right wing, and Wheeler nearly got in.

Fowls occurred on both sides and then Wright dribbled up, beautifully tricked the backs, and centred faultlessly, and Gooderson tried a shot, but the goalkeeper kicked out. Padwick got the return and sent in a beauty, which was safely dealt with.

Slough at this time oppressing and striving hard to improve the aspect of things. The poorness of the shooting neutralised their hard work. Denton got away, but he went too far up the field before centring. He was well worried by Harrington, the latter was beaten, and the ball was passed over. Poole secured it and centred to Gooderon, who tried to head it in. The lonely man was offside, and thus a fine chance was lost.

The ball was brought back and Harrington passed to Wheeler, who scored a good goal, making the fourth. The visitors appeared to be demoralised, and four minutes later Wiggins added a fifth point.

25 minutes after the change of ends Slough experienced hard luck in losing Padwick, whose knee gave way and he had to be taken of the field. Slough with only 10 men bucked up considerably, and although a thoroughly beaten side they stuck gamely to the task.

Five minutes before time Moore passed over to Wiggins, who added a six goals; the scoresheet at the tootle of the referees whistle reading: Maidenhead Norfolkians six goals, Slough one goal.

Little criticism of the play is needed. Maidenhead Norfolkians thoroughly deserved their victory has on Saturday show they were a good six goals in front of Slough.

They played with splendid –, were very fast, smart on the ball, and throughout played a winning game. They were rather rough, and it was stated that over thirty fouls were given against them, but we should not like to bind ourselves to such figures.

There is no disguising the fact that the fowls recorded against them reached well into double figures.

As to Slough they played perhaps the worst game, considering the conditions, that they have played this season. Crocker is evidently not the same man as a season or two ago. He was very weak. He trusted too much to his hands and rarely cleared well. At least two of the goal scored by Maidenhead should have been saved. It is generally considered that Werrell should be given a chance in this highly important position.

Young did a lot of work but he was by no means safe. Walker played a hard game and did well. Padwick appeared hardly in form, but both this player and Ivall, who is a trojan for work, kicked wildly, and five times out of six their efforts were wasted through the ball being sent on to the opposing backs.

It is a pity that they do not feed their forwards better. The latter played a good game, and once or twice put in some excellent combination.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

A. Lawrence, C. Jones, J. Harrington, S. Gutteridge, H. Harrington, A. Goom, Emony, F. Wheeler, F. Moore, C. Miller, H. Wiggins.


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